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Name: People's Republic of China Proclaimed
Capital: Taipei
Motto: When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be
Languages: Mandarin and Cantonese
Religion: Cathliocism
Government: Communist People's Republic
Legislature: House of Lords, House of Commons
Currency: Yuan
Flag: (attached)

Name: Mao Zedong
Political Party: Chinese Communist Party
Residence: 324 Wuxing Street
Religion: Catholic

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Name of Nation: People's Republic of China Proclaimed
Government: Communist Republic
Economy: Our economy is quickly growing, as more citizens take up industrial jobs.
Diversification: We only have our borders open to other communist states, so that dreadful capitalism does not invade our borders.
Trade: We propose as trade deal, with the USSR, +AnswerMeNow, to make both of our nations, rise to be the two superpowers of the world!
Production: We, are close to being able to mine a surge of aluminium, so that we have one of the best industries of this world!
Factory Efficiency: Growing rapidly, as more people, are forced to work, under our glorious Chairman Mao!
Military: We are now forcing every man in the country to be trained as a soldier. If war ever breaks out, there will be a law, making every man conscripted to the military.
Efforts to lose less: Survival of the fittest, so that our great workers, and soldiers, need not have lesser rations, due to weak, fat, and lazy men, having equal rations. If they cannot aid our country, then we will not aid them!
Research: We start to research on human autonomy, and military advancement.
Diplomacy: We propose a military alliance to the USSR, +AnswerMeNow, to strengthen our communist ties, and to spread our ideology across the world.

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Name: António de Oliveira Salazar
Political Party: "União Nacional" or National Union
Residence: St. Bento's Palace
Religion: Catholic Christian

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Name: The United States of America
Capital: Washington DC
Motto: "In God we Trust"
Languages: English
Religion: Protestant
Government: Democracy
Legislature: Congress, House of Representatives, Senate
Currency: Dollar ($)
Flag: Attached.

Name: Harry Truman
Political Party: Democratic Party
Residence: The White House
Religion: Protestant
Image/Portrait: Attached.

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The New French Republic

Name: The New French Republic
Capital: Paris
Languages: French
Religion: Christian
Government: Republic
Currency: Euro
Flag: (attach it to the post)
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