Next hangout?

So, +Margie Clayman and I were sitting around thinking - there just isn't enough good-natured heckling going on in our worlds right now.

So we are bringing back Hecklers' Hangout in the Fall. Now, we understand some folks may need to do family activities...or watch NFL Thursday night we are going to just do one Heckler session per month through the remainder of this year.

First stop: Thursday, September 26th, at 7p EST.

The guest will be announced shortly, and we are doing our guest signup on our Facebook Fan page - just to keep it nice and cross-platform.

Look for the event invite, and come out and heckle the poor, unfortunate author or subject matter expert we have...keeping it good-natured, of course!

Curious: How does Google's new Gmail look impact you? (Separating email into Personal, Social and Promotional tabs)

I'm sure you're already aware, but just in case it passed your attention, someone named +Danny Brown  is going to be joining us for our second "Launch 'n Lunch," if you will. Previously noted for The Davinci Code, Danny is a world-class author and we're not 100% sure how we were able to book him. Nor are we sure why he shifted from fiction to a book about influence marketing. I guess that's really my primary question. Oh, and when he became Scottish. 

Make sure to grab your seat as soon as Brian sends out the invites - we're expecting a packed house :) 

WELL hellllllo Hecklers! Just pooping in to say hi. OOPS that was popping, although because that is a really funny typo, I am gonna leave it. Also when speaking of Heckling poop is arguable a good analogy. "giving someone crap" = heckling. OK well. There ya go!

This week +Shonali Burke  will be our guest on Wednesday at noon ET. This should be a great conversation - we hope to see you there! :) 

After hearing +Chuck Kent 's SpinSucks #FollowFriday  musical contribution, I want one for #HecklersHangout ! I don't know +Margie Clayman ...might be kinda hard to find anything that rhymes with Hecklers, though.

And it would probably have to be really dissonant...

Today's the day! Bruce Sallan, whom I can't tag even though he shows up in my list of people to tag, will be our guest. Brian will be sending invites out at around 11:45 AM ET and we're hoping to get started right at noon ET! Also, let's do a little dance so Brian doesn't lose his connection this time, eh? :) 

This Wednesday at noon ET Bruce Sallan will be joining us. We have so much to talk to him about, from his radio show to his blog to his highly successful Twitter chat - Whew! Be there!

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