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This is the stickied list of resources - as people add them they will be appended to what is here. Please add your favorites in the comments. As comments to this post get added to the list I will be deleting them to reduce clutter.

Netfabb Model Repair service - free service to make stl files printable

Autodesk Meshmixer - great tool for creating weird stuff - indispensable IMHO

Meshlab - for working with, simplifying and fixing meshes, and converting file formats another must have!

Blender - how could I not include Blender for so long? +Joseph Larson  wrote a whole book about it!  Great free modeling software.

Model Sources:

Repables -

Youmagine -

Thingiverse -

Cubehero - (Thanks + Pat G)

Time Portal Games (Commercial D&D Models)

Printable Scenery (Commercial D&D Models)

Fat Dragon Games (Commercial D&D Models) 

RepRap Magazine - great source for those that want to build their own printers

You tube series on making miniatures using daz studio and other free tools

Universal base designer - make any size or shape base you want (Thanks +Daniel Joyce  )

Rapid Resizer - tool for resizing models -

Blogs of Interest:

Design Make Game - + Josh Ajima 's Blog on wargaming miniatures and 3d printing!

Brents blog post of printable mini's

+Joseph Larson  's Blog of printing insights

Trouble at the Mill +Mike Whitaker 's wargaming blog

More to come ...

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Some great terrain from Jeremy
30 days to Relaunch preview of our keep on the borderlands KS.
#rpg #ks #miniatures # castle #fort #wargamming

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Ok - I love the idea of dungeon tiles. But the ones without clips are too easily disturbed - the slightest touch and they are all over the place. The clips like the openlock system work great for holding the tiles together, but they take extra time to put the tiles together and take them apart. But now I have found a simple solution - non skid shelf liner! Lay it down on the table and place the tiles on it and they stay put beautifully without clips! Worked great - fast and easy!

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+Joseph Larson is running a go fund me project to raise money to support making his excellent instructional videos. He has given a lot to the 3d printing community in general, and this community in particular, So if you can give back a little, its time to do so.

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Big Boss Figure 160mm, 3D printed and Painted [Photo Report]

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magnus/nevermore from 3D drawings to final products
3 Photos - View album

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Interesting tutorial on using tinkercad to model for star wars by +Joseph Kopena 

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3D Printing can have great application to Board Games
3D printing Game Smash, a great, terrible idea
A New York MakerSpace is holding a game jam . It's co-presente presented by Ultimaker and MakerOS so you know there will eventually be requirements that the games have 3D printed elements in it, though other tools like laser cutters will also be available. ...
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