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Connect to the power and and turn on power switch, the power indication light turns on and check all functions automatically.
Press negative ion button, the indicator light turns on. The unit starts releasing negative ion.
Press ozone timer button, the settings is 10 minutes, each press will add 10 minutes till 60 minutes, additional press will turn off the ozone function.
Connect the air tube button to the ozone outlet connector, then put the ozone outlet ball to the bottom of the container where you wish to sterilize. (When sterilize the air, no need to connect the air tube.)
When the unit stops when it is working, press the on off button.
All above functions are included in the remote control.

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JKF-YS-EK (Full Body Massage Bed) is an extra luxury model with our own patent providing full body massage and both the upper body and lower body have jade projector and F.I.R heating board.

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Expand blood vessel, boost blood circulation, purify the blood to adjust the blood pressure;
Adjust autonomy nerves;
Skin care and beautify the feather;
Reduce fat;
diminish inflammation;
Relieve bone and joint pain;
Promote cell activity and cell regeneration;
Strengthen liver function;
Enhance metabolism, improve body immunity;

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JKF-YS-B is our basic model with upper body massage and leg heating board.
Healthy Spine Generates & Transmits Waves To Hold Organs & Nervous System

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1. This Mattress works with electric heater to provide double-face performance.
2. Use copper net to shield against harmful electromagnetic wave.
3. The leather cover is special made and heat resistance.
4. Simple temperature adjustment.
5. Seperate heating system for friendly use and power saving.
6. For comfort and safety feeling, it is made of spray-bonded nonwoven fabric.
7. With precise temperature adjustment mechanism, it enables temperature closer to human body.

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Healing Heat Therapy
Chiropractic Care
FIR Healing
Negative Ion
Moxa Therapy

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Far infrared massage
Far infrared massage can boost blood circulation, allow more oxygen and nutrients to nourish the feet and leg, speedup detoxification, enhance immunity and relieve tension and pain.

Vibration massage
Cells are resonated with far infrared, which increase the temperature of hypodermis, expand the capillary vessel, enhance metabolism and make the broken cells recover quickly.
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