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Voice actors have been chosen, and the video announcing who the actors will be uploaded on Saturday. :D

The project is going well, the script for the first episode is near completion, I've been busy with exams and everything. Now that I am done, I can begin the animation process X3 Maybe I'll have a video test out!

The project will be animated over the summer hopefully, have a good day guys! :D

Well, auditions for the project have finished, now all I need to do is get the voice audio clips of the cast announced and we're good to go, this project shall get started real soon! :D

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Hey guys, a new update on the series is here. This is a scene from one of the future episodes, Luigi is in danger, and Mario could lose his brother!! Mario is trying to save his little bro, we'll see what happens!! I hope you guys like this! :P

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I'm finally making a SFM Mario Series! It's about time our favorite plumber got some love, VOICE AUDITION INFORMATION DOWN BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!! :D

Auditions video ~
Casting Call ~

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So, I finally decided to make a animated Mario series for all of you guys to enjoy! The series will be called, Super Mario Bros - The Underground Oracle, or [SFM] The Underground Oracle. I am so excited to get this all started, but... I think I want to see what YOU guys are capable of doing for voice acting, so! Auditions for characters are open, feel free to look at the open characters down below! ;D

Mario: (OPEN)
Luigi: (OPEN)
Peach: (OPEN)
Bowser: (OPEN)
Bowser Jr: (OPEN)
The Toad's: (OPEN)
Wario: (OPEN)
Waluigi: (OPEN) 
Yoshi: (OPEN)
Toadsworth: (OPEN) 

Here is the open characters that I have available so far! You can upload a video of your audition and link your video in the comments, or you can email me your audition, at Auditions are January 5th to February 20th! Lots of time guys, ahaha! ;P MAKE SURE YOU EITHER HAVE SKYPE, HANGOUTS OR SOME WAY TO STAY IN CONTACT!!! So I can send you all requests so we can all work ^^

All in all, I wish you guys the best, do your greatest and have fun! Good luck, I know you guys will be epic! 

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Hey maybe you could invite dragon superman he does a great job on mario voices his voicereel was cool
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