the media arrow keys dont work in kodi, and the keyboard arrow keys dont work in kodi either, they act like the number pad arrows

App works great once I'm logged in, but will not allow typing in the Password field on the login screen of Windows 10. The app will allow numbers to be typed in from my iPad using the numbers along the top of the keyboard that is slightly darker in grey scale, but not from the normal keyboard.

Anyone else having this issue??

I purchased the pro version and the media remote (in the free version, without realizing they were separate items) I'm not very happy with the fact that the app will not let me use any of the things I purchased. I have read a lot of reviews that say the same thing and none of them have had their problems fixed.

I would like a refund.

I upgraded to pro, but the features are still not getting unlocked. I tried restoring purchases, the circle keeps rotating for hours with no outcome. I feel like I've been cheated. 

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Using Remote Pro on an iPhone 4. When I go from portrait to landscape mode with the keyboard panel enabled, it slides away upon completing rotation.
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I am trying to download this app since yesterday because its free and it keeps saying its updating I only have til noon. What can I do.

I have a Windows PC and the iPhone app. I updated my desktop to the newest version today.

When I tried using the bookmarks on my iPhone app, it opened an IE window despite Chrome being set on my PC as the default. After a few minutes, it reverted back to Chrome by itself, but Chrome doesn't work, whether I type a link in manually or by using a bookmark. Even trying to access Chrome's settings doesn't work.

Chrome works perfectly fine by itself. It's just not working correctly with the Remote Mouse app.

The latest iOS version STILL have a problems with Spotify functions. Even tough Spotify is running on my PC, I can't use none of the remote controls STILL after the update...

How does horizontal scrolling work? I've tried everything i can come up with. The normal 2-finger approach does nothing. My computer is a mac and my touchpad recognises it so horizontal scrolling should be a legit function. Sorry for the stupid question, but i really need this function.

The latest iOS version have a problems with Spotify functions. Even tough Spotify is running on my PC, I can't use none of the remote controls.
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