hey guys. I'm running a version of Linux (ubuntu Mate) that doesnt support the linux install. is there an app in the works specifically for linux systems?

An ability to swipe backwards and forward in web-browsers/other applications would allow me to use my web browser like I am used to, please consider this feature.

Adding abilities with settings for 3D Touch compatible devices. Allow the user to configure which click/keyboard combination 3D Touch activates. Such as 3D Touch for left click or right click. Additional 3D Touch options for multiple finger press.

This feature would greatly enhance the use-case of the functionality that remote mouse brings to the table.

The ability to remotely wake my mac with the mouse and/or key in my password would save me a lot of time. Great app! Incredibly helpful!

I would love to use my iPad and iPhone to draw on my iMac. I am able to do so using the three fingers gesture but would love to use my stylus. Is there some method to allow the stylus to "mouse down" while moving which would essentially allow me to draw like a tablet? I am using OneNote from Microsoft to annotate notes.

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I go to remotemouse.net and when I click get now nothing happens what should i do

For linux doesn't have any option?

I bought the multimedia remote extension, but I miss a shortcut that lets me easily (with one touch) open iTunes, Windows Media Player and other (manually added) programs. This feature wouldn't only be great, I think it is totally necessary and I expected this easy feature when I bought the extension. I'll appreciate it if this shortcut feature gets added. Thanks! 

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It would be great to have an option to automatically crank the cursor size up on OS X when Remote Mouse is controlling the cursor.

Just noticed an abnormally high number of UDP packets flooding my network. Traced them back to Remote Mouse app running on my HTPC.
I know you need to announce server presence to mobile app but do you really need to do that by constantly flooding the entire network with useless packets ?

Couldn't the mobile client send a broadcast for the servers to respond to ?
This would work much better than constantly flooding the network with UDP packets.
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