Hey im connected to my device fine but not a single video will load properly and ideas?

I've got problems with numbers on my azerty keyboard. When I'm tapping numbers, app writes accented letters or special signs, usely got by shift pressed. No change if I press shift before or if I use 3x4 num pad display of your keyboard.
I use Swype keyboard.

In trouble not be able to connect the remote mouse.

I'm using a smart phone (Xperia SO-01H) and PC (TOSHIBA AZ47-UG).
I installed the app and software, respectively.

I was looking for a device under the same Wi-Fi environment.
In the app initial setting of, my smartphone was able to find my PC.

However, when you try to connect, I get a message that can not be accessed.
When you start the software from the PC, "TCP Error, It seems Remote Mouse server is already running." Message was displayed.

Please tell me how to solve someone.
I am not good at much English, please tell me in simple terms.
Thank you.

Tried to change the mouse background but when selecting it, it does it in a square and so the actual image is very stretched out any way to change the resolution or other fix? Thanks.

Does Windows Key + L work? I paid for the right add-on and everything but it won't lock the computer. Also, when unlocking windows 10 the mouse moves on the first screen but when you click and the button for sign in comes up I lose all control. Is this a security issue? 

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The same old problem: pointer invisible.
PC software updated.
App updated.
Windows 10.
Android 6.0 (had the same problem in 5.0)
I don't have a usb mouse to plug-in to make the pointer appear.
Any solutions?


So everytime I switch between apps and then come back to remotemouse I find that all the keys Shift to left and the screen greys out and I cannot use it. I have to restart the app in order to overcome this. Plus can you add right margin scrolling thanks

Trying to run this on a 2009 MacBook pro running )SX 10.5.8.  When I try to start the server application it pops up in the taskbar and then immediately disappears after a couple seconds.  Also the app on the phone is failing to detect any computers on the network.
Any help would be much appreciated, this would be so convenient if i could just get it to work

I have the app on my lg g3 and swaying mode works great but on my wifes lg stylo i cannot get the swaying mode option to appear. So i tried and made a titanium backup on my lg g3 and tranfered it to my wifes lg stylo and now the swaying mode appears but nothing happens when i try to use it. I am wondering why this is happening. Does remote mouse use the accelorometer on the phone cause the stylo has one or does it use something else?
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