i've downloaded the app and the program on my windows laptop but it keeps saying connection failed when i try to connect my laptop on the application on my phone.. 

Is it posible to see the desktop from the app?

Hello, is there a way for me to set Remotemouse on my PC to start automatically? I have to open it manually and press "allow" every time I restart my laptop. Thx

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I don't know if I belong here. I consider downloading the app. However when I saw all the permissions it requests it seemed wired. I discussed the topic on Google Play Forum. https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/play/qA049U3FLLE/3h5e_WP7BAAJ
The question is: 1. Why do you need 7 different permissions. 2. How can I know that using the app is safe?
Thanks in advance! 

Dear support,

Does remote mouse support 3D Touch? Such as, when I press for 3D Touch, the app registers my tap as a left click, or right click. I believe adding this feature would greatly enhance the use case of the application. Does remote mouse support swiping back/forward in browsers? If so, how can i enable this?

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Kevin O.

Hi. Since the last update I've been disconnected after about 15 minutes of no use and am having to restart remote mouse on my windows tablet to use again. Plus I've been getting some lag trails with the pointer and flickering on certain parts of the screen when moving the mouse. I've tried reinstalling a few times but no joy. Any help would be great thanks. Gutted I updated it now 😢

is there a way to drag-and-drop files or drag files/Windows.

also how can I select text with remote mouse

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How can I click without having to double tap?

Ive just brought a new netgear router/modem and my ASUS one gave up the ghost.
When I plugged in the ASUS one remote mouse showed straight up. Now with the netgear I can't get it to connect at all, it won't even show my computer in the app. Ideas
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