the media arrow keys dont work in kodi, and the keyboard arrow keys dont work in kodi either, they act like the number pad arrows

Hey im connected to my device fine but not a single video will load properly and ideas?

i've downloaded the app and the program on my windows laptop but it keeps saying connection failed when i try to connect my laptop on the application on my phone.. 

App works great once I'm logged in, but will not allow typing in the Password field on the login screen of Windows 10. The app will allow numbers to be typed in from my iPad using the numbers along the top of the keyboard that is slightly darker in grey scale, but not from the normal keyboard.

Anyone else having this issue??

I purchased the pro version and the media remote (in the free version, without realizing they were separate items) I'm not very happy with the fact that the app will not let me use any of the things I purchased. I have read a lot of reviews that say the same thing and none of them have had their problems fixed.

I would like a refund.

hey guys. I'm running a version of Linux (ubuntu Mate) that doesnt support the linux install. is there an app in the works specifically for linux systems?

Is it posible to see the desktop from the app?

Hello, is there a way for me to set Remotemouse on my PC to start automatically? I have to open it manually and press "allow" every time I restart my laptop. Thx

I've got problems with numbers on my azerty keyboard. When I'm tapping numbers, app writes accented letters or special signs, usely got by shift pressed. No change if I press shift before or if I use 3x4 num pad display of your keyboard.
I use Swype keyboard.

In trouble not be able to connect the remote mouse.

I'm using a smart phone (Xperia SO-01H) and PC (TOSHIBA AZ47-UG).
I installed the app and software, respectively.

I was looking for a device under the same Wi-Fi environment.
In the app initial setting of, my smartphone was able to find my PC.

However, when you try to connect, I get a message that can not be accessed.
When you start the software from the PC, "TCP Error, It seems Remote Mouse server is already running." Message was displayed.

Please tell me how to solve someone.
I am not good at much English, please tell me in simple terms.
Thank you.
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