You need to add the ability to control an iPad with RM on an iPhone.
This would facilitate doing demonstrations and tutorials.

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Добрый день!
Поправьте надписи на русском:

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Do i really get feedback from here?

Всем привет ! Друзья , мне очень понравилось приложение. Правда мышь работает с запазданием . Но основной проблемой стала: не рабочая клавиатура!!! Как подключить Клаву. Без неё совсем не удобно

I have the Pro ios client (iPhone 7) Linux (Kubuntu 17.4) server version, and I'm pretty happy with it but for one small thing - the spacebar doesn't work on the keyboard. The spaces show up fine in the preview on the phone, but don't make it to the laptop.

Having issues with iPhone 7 plus and windows 10 pc. Having to constantly click reconnect roughly 20 times before it will connect then disconnects shortly after

How do you configure Media Remote to associate it with a specific program?

It seems the default is do I make the media controls deal with the application that's currently being used (like VLC, for instance) rather than always engaging iTunes?

Do you have any plans to offer an app in which Amazon Kindle Fire will be a remote mouse?
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