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Instagram Tips for ya'll.

This is not a job board. I have removed some posts and will ban persistent spammers.

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61 Ways to Get Your Employees Super Engaged

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Party, do selfies, map the Philippine Startup future What happens when nearly 500 geeks meet in Boracay? A lot! Expect the tech reporters, columnists, and bloggers to have submitted for publication or posted already their take of the Geeks on a Beach…

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Hi, we're the PRworks team. You might be interested in joining this international event that will happen in Cebu this January 2015. 

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Want to improve your geek skills? here is a collection of 200 free courses on various subjects!

Is there any of you here with expertise in WordPress?  Please message me. Thank you.

Please note that if your link does not appear in the newsfeed. Google marked it as spam and I do not un-spam any posts red-flagged by Google. To get past Google's red flag, make sure that it is useful (not to you but to your readers) and that it's from trusted link/source. 

HELP  WANTED: Before I pass this opportunity to Indians or non-Pinoys, I am looking for a particular expertise - that is inserting WordPress page (for a blog) to a website that is non-WP. If you do, please contact me ASAP so I can give you details.

And also do you know anyone who likes to write - may be a blogger or not and likes to get paid writing?  Can you have that person contact me too please? Thank yo so much!

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What are the online tools you can't live without? - Deb

Today's article at Social Media Examiner shares: 45 Social Media Tools and Tips to Improve Your Marketing
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