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Now that we are growing strong as a community, I figured that it was time to update the introductory post.

WELCOME to the Linux Data Storage community my fellow Linux (and open source) aficionados!

We have built up this community to encourage both novice and experts alike, in the field of data storage and how it relates to open source technologies. While this community is geared primarily toward Linux, you are still invited to post related non-Linux open source topics.

If your interests are filesystems, data backup / recovery, portable & LAN based storage, there is a section for you....and plenty more. There is also a section for more advanced topics ranging from RAID, Logical Volume Management, etc.

Our only guidelines to posting topics and or comments are as follow:

* Please post topics under their appropriate category.
* No spamming allowed.
* Please be respectful of others when posting topics / comments.
* Racially offensive, abusive, obscene, profane or otherwise socially unacceptable language, literal or implied, and pejorative name-calling (expressed or implied) are prohibited at all times.
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Here is your time to know Ansible from

Ansible Complete Beginners Tutorial on Youtube. Spend few minutes and start working on Ansible. Make use of it, Share to your friends and groups.

What is Ansible, Why do we use Ansible, Ansible Terminologies

Ansible Inventory Management for Beginners

Ansible Configuration Management

Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands with Examples Explained

Ansible Playbook Beginners Tutorial

Ansible Roles Explained in Detail - Create Your First Ansible Roles

Ansible Vault to Protect Ansible Playbooks with Encryption

Also there are more other videos on Puppet, Openstack cloud, VCS Cluster....

For more free documents and tutorial videos,

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#SDDC delivers a common virtualization infrastructure for computing, storage, and networking in a software tool. Additional benefits provided by SDDC including data security, control over application accessibility, reduction in energy consumption and an increase in efficiency.

In 2016, North America dominated the market accounting for 47.6% of the share in 2016, as a relatively large number of businesses in various verticals had deployed SDDC. The migration towards SDDC is prevalent in medium to large scale businesses as they strive to reduce their operational expenditure.

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(File your comments and feature requests that went missing in udisks2 from the github link below)

Does anybody here have ever used this feature? We need this feature back into udisks2. If you do, then feel free to add a comment to this bug report. I really need this feature back. ... and if you have used it and are not sure where to file it, then this is the proper place(told by one of the developers to file the missing feature on the github page from their mailinglist, so it definitely is the final right place to make the formal request).

If there are any features missing, I was told I can also specify additional features I would like, so if you know of features that were previously implemented and want it back into udisks2, then here's also the place where you can add them.

If you used "udisks --inhibit-all-polling" and want it back into udisks2, feel free to add a comment, as that is initially and primarily what I am after..

Vratislav Podzimek,
"westlake, would you mind creating an upstream issue at describing what exactly you would like to be supported. Please keep in mind that we can make things different and better than they used to be in the old udisks. "


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