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I think this contains everything we've compiled so far.
Have I missed anything?

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I have a peer evaluation for everyone to look at. I originally thought that we could use a google form, but it needs to be submitted to the dropbox, so I thought that this made more sense. I used the criteria from our Project Plan instructions. If anyone has suggestions, let me know and I can made changes. 

Strategies for safe and equitable technology use, in Word. Ok, I can't load a word document here, so I'll have to convert it to google docs and then link it...sorry Brandy!

Hi everyone,

I just briefly looked over our new submissions. I'll start working on updating our final submission tonight, but I also have a union meeting, without really an idea how long it will go. So, I hope to have an updated file posted here by Tuesday night.

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Ok here it is in google docs, editing enabled...would love some feedback from team awesome! I did mange to link most of my resources that I had posted here, btw.

FYI Wayne had posted in the "course questions" part of our D2L forum that copies of submitted parts of the project (for assessment...the "dropbox" stuff) also be posted in our team discussion forum. Brandy, would you be able to upload a link to the submitted portions of the project there as well please?

Wayne's Feedback on our team's Plan Outline:

"An excellent plan ...

I think your group has covered all the essential bases.

I look forward to reviewing the finished project after April 5."

We're doing excellent!

Maybe I'll wait until Monday to compile everything we have and then post an updated version of our working final submission.

Thanks for everyone's work during a very busy time of year!

I am almost finished with the 'post-assessment' form; sorry it's taking me longer than I expected.

Evie - I've hyperlinked a lot of your workshops into the "Putting Plan into Practice", but I figured these last presentations and resources are ones you considered to be supporting the "Safe and Equitable Use" section you're working on. I've hyperlinked them there - but let me know if you thought something else :)
Great stuff!
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