Te presentamos la nueva caja sorpresa de Frozen con muchos juguetes y sorpresa de nuestras amigas Ana y Elsa que seguro que te encantan. Puedes ver el vídeo aquí:


Haz me gusta y comparte por favor!
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Name: Andrea cabrera
Appearance:black hair,tall,pretty

Name amy kacey 
Occupation Elsa's twin sister
Age 22
likes Snow and Hans, the color red
dislikes when people think that she is her sister
bio i am not my sister i am better in all ways.
personality humorous and self sicrificing for those she loves and stronge, fast and a black belt.
powers. fire and pain
Aperiance red hair and red dress green eyesand tan skin

Hey I'm new and I have a question; does our character have to be a Disney or DreamWorks character or can we make up our own?

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Flys around looking for tinkerbell
(( open ))

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Powers:Healing and can make people stay young forever with her long golden hair
Likes:Nature,Eugene,My family,Pascal and Maximus
Dislikes:Mother Gothel and being inside the tower
Appearance:Picture below:~
Personality:Kind,Brave,Sweet,Smart and Romantic
Bio:When I was little,Mother Gothel kidnaped me and me and locked me in a high tower.She told me that she was my mother and the world is very dangerous.Every Night on my birthday,flying lanterns will appear in the sky.While Mother Gothel was out looking for my birthday present,I met Eugene and I ended up marring him.i soon discovered I was the princess of Corona.
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Name: Princess Cindy of Arendelle
Nickname: Cindy and/or Princess Cindy
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Powers: Ice and snow
Place of Origin: Arendelle
Family: Elsa and Anna (sisters)
Likes: Family and friends, chocolate
Dislikes: Having to shut my family out, losing my memories, hurting/losing someone close
Position of Service: Princess
Bio: I had to keep my whole life from them but we met before but doesn't know we are sisters. I'm just a year younger then Anna and has the same powers as Elsa but doesn't know that I have fire powers also. Even if Elsa and I have the same power we had to hide from each other and Anna. Today we don't even know until they call Elsa, Anna and I to stay on the platform with the throne but never knew why. When Elsa hurt Anna we all had to go to Pabbie and he made it for Anna doesn't remember Elsa's power and erased their memories of me then erased my memories of both of them. When I was born, I was like Anna with no powers but Elsa hurt me by strucking me in the heart when we we're little but instead of turning frozen, it went into my blood and given me ice and snow powers

((I'm mostly going to Rp with this character on my other account +Queen Elsa if that's fine))
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Name: Jason McAllen

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Powers: none

Likes: Reading, Adventures, and Arendelle

Dislikes: Criminals, Treasure hunters, Terrorist Organizations, being alone, and Orphanages

Appearance: Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

Personality: Adventurous, Courageous, Sly, Intelligent, and Stubborn

Bio: I don't do back stories.

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Name: Anahi

Age: 16

Powers: Healing, All elements, turn into any animals and creation.

Likes: animals, friends, music, and drawing

Dislikes: Death and mean people

Personality: shy, and hides feelings but friendly, kind hearted and has a great sense of humor

Bio: Likes being alone but hates being lonely. Has always been alone. Likes having friends. Has a dragon and phoenix as pets.
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walks around the forest and bumps into you
((open RP))
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