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To me truly the King of Late Night
Wide awake for your the sake of your stage sight
Tonight at 11 my brethren on channel 7
Receive praise like the crowd engaged with a reverend
As a minor I was eyeing a legend
Inspired to drive men from failing
New sight inside of my message liven my efforts
Life of a felon something I acquired repelling
No father in sight yet saw a brother excelling
Whether peasant or elegant where melanine measured its evident we level lift...
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Drawn" is off of Might As Well, an 8 track ep that is available for purchase/stream on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play and wherever music is digitally available.

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Insta: @micfamiliar
Drawn by Mic Familiar
Drawn by Mic Familiar

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Best song I've heard in ages....pure truth

Listen to Shée Blue- DMV (Prod. by Jimmy Dukes) by High Caliber Music #np on #SoundCloud

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War On Drugs
waged by
the same ones who put them
there in the first place.
same ones who own private
prisons run the urban music
The music is
senseless, bunch of
commercials promoting bad decisions...
Guns drugs and alcohol sip in our village religious
Gift about exquisite as small pox to men, women and children
Fetty climb from petty crime and hatred
Ignorance increases defeated by sleeping agents....
Same blankets given to natives of this nation slash corporation
The reason you can't understand what I'm saying you've been sedated
Brain will evade any and all knowledge penetration
Mass incarceration and death due to your occupation....
#poetry #poem #poet #author

An excerpt from my book Poetic Paragraphs Message to the Youth by Roy Little...Now available on Amazon

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"Can you imagine if a rose had a brain? Would a rose know it's purpose? Would a rose allow poison to saturate it's soil? Would a rose hang around weeds that impede on it's growth? Meaning if something you partake in isn't good for your core, why engage? You have a choice young blessing....Blossom."

Today marks the release of my first self published book. This book is dedicated to God and my two beautiful children...All of which have been instrumental in my growth. It's a small collection of poetry and paragraphs that happen to rhyme, all with the same focus in mind. I've always wanted to work with troubled youth. This book represents a mentor in a manuscript. It's written from the perspective of a black man who was once a youth born into a harsh urban environment. This book is me sharing words of wisdom that will hopefully inspire thought in the minds of people around the world
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Real LYRICS. Dope VISUALS. 💯💯💯💯
Check out my video gets deep!!!

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Many women call themselves Queens, but very few are... Question is how do you decipher which ones are and which ones aren't....The answer isn't in a jeweled crown or profound's from the's how she carries herself and most of all what comes out of her mouth when she speaks....join us tonight Culture Cultivators featuring brilliant artist, writer, mother & Queen @shiwisdommusic 12am-2am eastern on WXIR 100.9FM streaming live on the tunein app every Sunday morning depth interviews sandwiched between two exhilarating DJ sets comprised by @zerosystem_ who opens the show with art from the Cosmos....and closed out in grand form by @kimboprice777 Northern Light@....weekly we give you a present in a potent 2hour package....unlike anything you've ever heard...
#gift #art #artist #black #soul #queen #depth #radio #talk #music #toronto #canada #artist
Special thanks to Metanite aka Lee Hall IV​​ for his amazing contribution to tonight's episode of Culture Cultivators...lending his DJ expertise and contributing the score for the Shi Wisdom interview. I must say this is one of the most incredible playlists we've had this far. I'll be honest I may not have the real names of these individuals to if you see someone you know tag them and tune in tonight 12am-2am eastern streaming on tunein as well which can be found on the station's site above

[Cosmo Arts]


j x k e.[ブリッタ]

trn 99

No Suh Foster


AKAI $OLO ~空 力 宇 神~

Youngblood Da O G



.5 aka Navigate


Thck Dan

Maverick da Roninn|S.M.G.|


Shi Wisdom Music




No Suh Foster


[Culture Cultivators]


Shi Wisdom Music

Shi Wisdom Music

Shi Wisdom Music

Prod. By Metanite.


j u n e / b l a z e . . .





Philippe Edison









J Fletch







Furozh - Peace

Northern Light@

▲Byron The Aquarius▲


adrian caves


[The Night Owl]

Northern Light@


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