To hold a baby that I once was

Reminds me of joy, happiness and love of each new born

It reminds me of God plan for man

That man should embodies love

It reminds me of a new way, a new day and a new hope.

From which the future grows

But how this child is molded to serve God purpose, depend entirely on the society, the parent and the Nation.

If molded properly it remains a light that would forever shine.

Resurrecting resurgence of a plan that creation had in mind

For the entire mankind

I wonder how clapping with only one palm can make music

If you don’t believe history, who will listen to your own story

Yes you and I can stand in love and fall in hate

Their nuclear proliferation, Chernobyl or Jihad without direction

Fear locked away, it exploded to what we now see as racism/schism creating crises all over

A world of grandeur but really a world of nothing but a glorified prison

That is not what God want from us

The hate they hate which stems from lack of faith

Would be a thing past in this new world of grace

We need to go back to basis

We need to go back to the original plan

Which our God Jesus Christ represent (unconditional love)

We need to go back to the culture of spiritual-love

God is love and we being God’s image, are also love

This we see and hope for in all new born, a shining light not a bomber or killer

So planting an attitude of humanity which is love is a must for all

To rise up from the dead

Just to be found worthy to be counted among that race

I would die severally to live to see the rising

We must embrace love

It’s a purifying river of fire

Cleansing any and all rot

It makes wisdom roll off the tongue of the misfit

It opens the heart of a wicked soul

It bring colors of the rainbow

Beautiful colors of hope from it

Amazing tiding of hope

Rejuvenating as it is elevating
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