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   Wyatt Isabelle reserved today
Update List of The Provinces. This is the Offical Roster
Please Choose your Home Province from the one that haven't been taken.

Allens- April Ranye Winn Female Age 16 Caste 4 +french macarons772 
Angeles-  Olivia Swift Female Age 18 Caste 2  +Olivia Glenn 
Atlin- Ashton Margen Male age 19 Caste 5 +America Singer 
Belcourt- Ezekiel Thompson  Male Age 18 Caste 3 +I'm the Pie Princess, BOW BEFORE ME!!!!! 
Carolina- Lindsay Sterling Female Age 17 Caste 5 +Rainbow Mustache YouTube 
Clermont- Nico Berrings Male Age 20 Caste 3 +America Singer 
Coulmbia- Aurelia Sage Powers Female Age 17 Caste 5 +AGTravels 
Dakota- Azel Deveaux Female age 17 Caste 5 +Azel Lewis 
Dominica- Taken
Fennely- Jocelyn Grace Locks Female Age 17 Caste 4 +-The Horse Lover - 
Kent- Samantha Moore Female Age 16 Caste 5 +Kithia Paulson 
Labrador- Joshua Paine  Male Age 16 Caste 3 +Emma Grace 
Lakedon- Marcella Marie Williams Female Age 16 Caste 5 +marisa sette 
Likely-  Panama Kendall Harris Female Age 16 Caste 8 +french macarons772 
Midston- Bianca Lynn Female Age 20 Caste Two +Jenn Find 
Ottaro- Emily Female Age 16 Caste Two +L.J. E. 
Paloma- Macey Holt Female  Age 17 Caste 5 +Emma Grace 
Panama - Penny Davidson Female Age 16 Caste 8 +Marconi Castellan 
Sonage- Evangeline Green female 16 Caste 3 +Azel Lewis 
Sota- Danielle Sovina Female Age 18 Caste 3 +Vylee Satoyia 
St George- Zachary Thompson Jr. Male Age 18 Caste 3 +I'm the Pie Princess, BOW BEFORE ME!!!!! 
Sumner- Jace Russels Male Age 19 Caste 4 +-The Horse Lover - 
Tammins- Logan Jake Woods Male Age 17 Caste 6 +-The Horse Lover - 
Waverly- Rosalynn Shaw Female Age 19 Caste two +Jenn Find 
Whites- Aeryn Lyzen Female Age 17 Caste 5 +Hermione Granger 
Yukon- Liliana Anne Collins Female Age 19 Caste 4 +Kithia Paulson 
Zuni- Anais Parker Watterson female age 18 Caste 7 +AGTravels 
Queen Mila +tova portmann 
Princess Wyatt Isabelle +Lanni 


Hi. It's +Marconi Castellan. I used to be member here, but I didn't have access to a computer for a few months. Once I did, I found out I couldn't access my old account. So here I am, with this new account. Did anybody miss me I know nobody did? What did I miss over the last few months? When will the next Selection take place?
+tova portmann 

Guys I'm Giving you guys 24 Hours to start rping
and +Lαɴɴι 
Please annouce the elite or Im delting this community and Starting fresh on the new one.

This Selection is closed!!!
Please Go to The Selection RP.
Queen Mila

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I've noticed this community being kinda inactive (Which includes myself being inactive on this community) So, I decided to try and be more active with outfits of the day, at least.

Panama's Outfit Today
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As I was starting to get dressed in my room a heard a knock on it. "Who could that be?". i mumbled and walked over to the door to open it

((OPEN but would like +french macarons772))

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Panama's Outfit Today
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Olivia's outfit for today. Lean, green, fighting machine 💚
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Olivia's outfit for today. Sweet with a little bit of rebel!
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