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Today we bid Organ Pipe National Monument farewell after another memorable visit. Last nights sunset on the Desert View trail near the Twin Peaks campground was a keeper.
#RVing #NationalParks #photography We'll be back!
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In this video, I combine still images and dash cam video footage to give you look at the road conditions and incredible scenery found when traveling Ajo Mountain Loop Drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

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In this video, I give updates on 20 RV products reviews and mods I've made to our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer. I let you know how they have performed over time noting my likes and dislikes.

For more in-depth coverage check out the complete blog post on Love Your RV! It goes into greater detail and links back to the original reviews and mod articles and videos.

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Also, see previous RV product review update post for updates on older products and mods -

Browse all my review videos using the RV product reviews playlist found here:

Many of the items shown are available on Amazon. See my favorite RV products page here -
(Disclaimer: I'm an Amazon Affiliate and earn a small commission on sales.)

Products mentioned during the video:

SeeLevel II RV tank monitor system
TadiBrothers Wireless RV Backup Camera System
Winegard RV Wifi Booster Router
weBoost 4G-X RV Cellular Amplifier Kit
Garmin RV GPS
Garmin Dashcam
GenTent Generator Canopy Cover
Honeywell FocusPro Thermostat
NOCO GB150 Battery Booster Box
LevelMatePRO RV Leveling Aid
UNI-T Clamp-on Ampmeter
OnlyFire BBQ Spark Igniter
EZ-snap RV Window Shades
K&N Pet Cot
WasteMaster Sewer System
California Duster
Werner Foldable Telescopic Ladder
Fantastic Vent Covers
YM Rubber RV Chocks
Camco Screen Door Grab Bar
Eternabond Tape
12-14 volts DC-DC Converter
13" beagle - used

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In this video, I give you a look at our latest boondocking location in southern Arizona near the little town of Ajo.

I take you along on a morning hike into the lush cactus filled Sonoran desert environment around our campsite. I point out a few of the cactus varieties and climb a small hill for a 360 overview of the area.

I also provide and request some information about the dangerous wildlife that inhabits the southwest desert. One of the most asked questions I receive is in regards to the dangers posed rattlesnakes and scorpions.

Be sure to check the video comments for hopefully some local knowledge and advice from the viewers.

The video finishes off with a photo slideshow and an unexpected visitor to our hummingbird feeder in the form of a Gila Woodpecker.

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You would like to get to know Europe?
We Gerlinde, Werner and Dachshund Ulla live on the outskirts of Berlin and are traveling about 4 months a year in Germany or anywhere in Europe by motorhome. Our passion is to discover many new and interesting things with the motorhome while staying at the most beautiful places. We have set up this travel blog with a translator for you.

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Close up photo I took during my morning hike through the desert. I'm so amazed by the Ocotillo plant, it can look so completely dead and devoid of life then suddenly burst to life. Right now we have them flowering all around us. The flashes of bright red and orange really show up against the greens and browns of the landscape. So cool! They are also attracting little hummingbirds to our camp.

#SonoranDesert #AjoAZ #boondocking #hiking #flowers #fulltimeRVer #LoveYourRV #Photography #Arizona #RVing #snowbirds

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In my LYRV monthly newsletter, I usually have a section called “Ray’s Pick – Helpful RVing Website of the Month”. These are websites that I find really aid us when out there traveling in our RV.

Things like finding a campsite, checking the weather, where to fill up the rig, trip routing etc. Below is a collection of my recommended links for RVing from past newsletter issues. -

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See full blog post -

In this video, I document our struggles at photographing the rise and fall of the January 2018 Super Blue Blood moon. Unfortunately, our attempts to capture the super moon rising and setting were thwarted by mother nature with low clouds on the horizon. However, Anne did manage to get some gorgeous images during its blood phase.

In the video, I also give you a look around our current boondocking location on the Ajo Scenic Loop Drive. For more information and videos on the area check out these links to the Love Your RV! blog. and

Interested in learning or improving your photography? Check out Anne's blog with its free eBooks and her YouTube channel. She is an excellent teacher.

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Enjoying some gorgeous free boondocking down in Ajo, Arizona. Here is a sampling of the scenery. Love heading out on a desert hike when the sun gets low in the morning or evening, and the lush Sonoran desert terrain lights up. It's a really unique place. We've hit the jackpot weather-wise lately, low winds and highs touching 80F each day. Lots of sunshine to power the rigs solar. Woohooo!
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We went to the Atlanta camping and RV Expo last weekend. It was our first RV show. We are looking forward to going to more.
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