PG legends are so fucking stupid, their fucking 40 year olds who revolve their lives on WWE or whatever because their stupid xD probably cant fight worth a damn because their 600 pound asses cant get through the fucking door

i really have no problem deleting faggots posts xD this is a place for anti-pgs, and their here, so their anti-themselves? xD you all are dumb asf XD

NOTE - Any PG Lengend here is actually Anti-PG, read the group name xD

Stupid owner, did you think this would be a just join and us PG Legends wouldn't spam? XD!! Idiot.


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PG Hall Of Famers will take over da world! Belee DAT!

This place fucking sucks and is a fucking disgrace

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Proof number 11: TMWTR is CmPuke101 confirmed. 

Now, idc about about the other accounts that CmPuke101 is using to argue with me. This has been mostly about his TMWTR account and myself. I already proved the Rybelsa muscle photos are fake. Take a look at the two pictures below. Now the first picture is his main account where he ADMITS that he is CmPuke101 by saying ''mah accounts'' Now his TMWTR said that CmPuke101 account is fake and that ''CmPuke101 doesn't talk like that'' you can clearly see in the second photo that he is lying because that's exactly how he talks. Furthermore, that account has like 250 subs with NO VIDEOS so how is it fake? Plus even Sherlock Holmes admitted that CmPuke101 created all his accounts, i find it ironic that he says that his accounts are PG Legends. 

Now, onto the point. CmPuke101 posted a comment about my 5 forms of proof and i gladly responded but like the typical b!tch he is, he deleted my comment. So we've come to the conclusion that CmPuke101 is TMWTR and his fake accounts are stalking my videos and Google+. 

I already told you where to find The Rockster comment and you still denied it because you know the first 2 lines are the truth. I didn't show the full name because the quality on my PC sucks and it was blurring out. So i zoomed in the comment. There is a video about Hitler and all the comments are praising it like it's the greatest thing on EARTH! LOL, i get if you enjoyed the video but for a guy like ''Jacob Wade'' to upload a video dedicated to CmPuke101 and his last activity was 2 weeks ago ANYONE will know it's a fake account. Plus, i just noticed that most of your fake accounts download a video, change the name and edit it to your liking, ANYONE can do that! you can't make a original video because you are a lifeless c*nt. Only, thing that's original is the ''video games'' videos but that's simple as well. 

Why the hell, would you even reply to your own comment with a simple word such as ''K''? and you say it's hard to comment ''K'' using another account...another lie by Mr Genius. Also I saw TMWTB comment on one of your videos that's basically why you use those accounts. To like your own comments/videos. I wouldn't be surprised if all the comments in your videos are fake accounts. 

RiseOfTheSandow2015 last and ONLY activity was uploading that video about your 2 fake accounts and that was 1 month ago and again look at the comments below SMH no logically, thinking IWC member will have you inducted in the HOF let alone praise you as the greatest thing ever. It's all your fake accounts. 

First you blame me for Marvel accounts, proved you wrong. Then Alysha, you even admitted that she is a girl so STFU and now you are blaming me for making a account of CmPuke101? and i quote ''tom rise making a fake cmpuke account lmao'' LOL you are just using that as an excuse, how the f*ck can i get 250 subs with NO VIDEOS and 0 followers on Google+, where is the logic in that? even AJ Lee is a powerhouse admitted CmPuke101 doesn't use Google+ much so STFU Mr. CmPuke101 using fake accounts to like, comment on your post and praise your fake videos. Even ''Sherlock Holmes'' admitted CmPuke101 makes the fake accounts of himself. You truly are one sad individual. Leave, Danny out of this you dumb idiot he wants nothing to do with you and i can't blame him, so go ahead dislike my videos and comment stupid things, that will just prove that you are making the accounts. So when people visit my channel they will know.

Your spy fails because he isn't getting ANYTHING from me, if i truly found your posts humorous i won't have this problem with you and your accounts for the past 3 months. 

PS: i don't believe that you woke up 30 minutes ago. You probably was awake trolling because that's basically your life. Video tape when you are asleep with a timer then maybe just maybe i will believe you. 
FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL you just got exposed CmPuke101 
Nice try, Pukester but you can't fool me. 
CmPuke101 owns every PG and TV-14 account.

CmPuke101 owns all the PG accounts. 

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What PG legends do every Saturday night, mouth full of cock
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