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Okay then... Let's get this straight...
Going up to a mod/owner is NOT going to be very easy here! I will be very picky and choose who is responsible enough to manage, maintain, and help the community stay in balance. Anyways, here are the owners and mods below πŸ‘‡

+Rexter The Wolfey ツ (Main owner)
+Cats Catechu
+Wolfstar X

+Fur ry
+xXDat DogXx
+MM Lomeli
+Lemon Bar
+CordingWater6 Death Waltz

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Do you see S2 E1?

....don't watch it...

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What would happen if Karamatsu meet his slug version? He'll be confused and surprise

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Shit!! I think I'm in love πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Wanna take you for a ride🎡

Omg, I just noticed how angry I get when Totty fangirls appear.
I mean, every time I FREAKING see them I legit feel like turning yandere. I might have a serious problem..

Not sure if you can help this one though ;w; But can you at least TRY helping? Because it won't stop O_O

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wow it's actually me, in response to the latest episode-

artist: blacklimes, their twitter is astrolimes!!

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omg I saw a TOTTY cosplayer at the mall. I literally fell on the floor crying it was the best day of my life. they had the beanie and everything, I flipped out!
And after we left the place, I was so happy but sad at the same time >< yeah! there's my life for you!

Characters that grew on me

Totty: At first I thought he was ok. but now I realize... Help.. I think I may be... in love.... a bit...... ...... NUUUUU why is this happening????!!!!! HE'S JUST SO KAWAII AND HIS VOICE IS SO SOFT AND ADORABLE!~~ I CAN'T HANDLE IT! He's mine now. I don't care if he's smol, he's mine now!~ ^^

Iyami: At first I found him strange and obnoxious. But I actually think he's funny!)

Jyushi: At first I couldn't handle how crazy he is. But I realize. he's cute a bit. Not trying to take him from his GIRL-FRIEND I swear >:3)

Least favorite characters

That one girl with braids that people ship with Totty: Like, bruh. I don't like her because, she is seen with Totty in, a lot of fanart. I just, like Totty I guess...........
Sorry for acting strange.. It's just, i'm very immature and random. I need to stop doing this crap 0_0

well, there's my opinion. This was stupid XD
There will be TONS of hate comments.

Ok, so I'm kinda new to the anime and it's fanbase. I know, I have posted a few things while being here >.< But.. yeah

I found this fanbase out by a friend on Animal Jam. they are pretty nice ^^ They also like Eddsworld!!~

At first I found it REALLY weird and disturbing as heck. Like, I thought it was going to be like a Boku No Pico but with sextuplets. Weird, I know T__T But, I was wrong. In fact, it sorta grew on me. Not sure what my cousin would think, sense she dislikes SOME of the anime out there XD In my opinion I like Todomatsu >.< He is cute. That smile is kawaii!
I also like Osomatsu. I can relate to him at times. I might not be immature and a huge fan of red, but I am the oldest. AAAAAND, I can't spell crap :D
So maybe I can be immature at times ;w;

So, now that you know stuff about me, I hope you will find me.. ok..
I'm not the best. trust me XD
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