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Name: Rose Song
Age: 21
Gender: mare
Pony type: earth pony
Personalit: Kind, easily startled, musical, hopeful, fun, smart, and understanding.
Bio: The baby sister of King Sombra. She worked as a bar maid at her cousin's sports bar, CHEERS, but got captured and is now stuck as a bartender and singer at the Haunted Hotel.
Relationship status: +Ponified Discord Draconequus​'s girlfriend
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Name: Discord
Pony type: Alicorn
Age: 1800
Age appearance: 21
Gender: stallion

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Looks at the stairs Thats Alot!

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Hi everyone 

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name: Niko Spark
race: pony
items: Picture of family, locked locket.
bio: After escaping Jack Ripper, her kidnapper and finding her self NOT in her old home Avalon. she found this hotel and decided she'd use her last bit to get a room for the night.

searches the library for information on Equestria if i'm stuck here I might as well learn about it.

name:polo fastter
race:dragon pony
items:portal sword,gem mask
bio: a rift opens then he falls out in the parking lot then gets up than walks to the hotel to stay the night and that is where the story begins

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Red Phoenix was staying at the hotel for a bit until zecora got back. It seemed like ages. She was reading the paper and saw something new. As she read the article, she slightly knew what was going on. She's seen the signs everywhere. Later on she was heading on to eat, she hears some noises. As she gets closer she hears whispers and sees images.
"Who's there" she calls out in the empty halls. She speeds up. She looks behind her and sees (the 5th pic). She speeds up. As she runs she looks behind her and runs into a wall. She then wakes up in a dungeon. "Where am I?" She says waking up. No answer. All she hears is crazy laughter. (Anyone can join)
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Name: red Phoenix
Age: 19
Gender: female Phoenix
Likes: her pet Phoenix
Dislikes: being around ponies or anything
Bio: she would be hunted down for being the rarest creature in equestria. She always wears a long Phoenix hat and shoes. She would always stay in hiding with what she prefers as "her sister", penny. The only place she would be seen is the everfree forest
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