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Looking for that special job? Come and join us!
Minimum of £8.75 starting pay, contact us today!

We are excited to share further developments with our latest extension project - including an overhead canopy for a large outdoor classroom, with direct free flow from the nursery for all of the children.

What would you like to see in our new extended facilities?

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Babblebrooke is pleased to announce that we are extending!

From September 2017, we will have an additional children's room, additional garden space, with undercover outdoor classroom with increased staff facilities.

Contact us today to see how your child can benefit from our unique approach to early learning and childcare.

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Introducing Projects;

This year, we have been focusing on ensuring the CoEL is catered for throughout the practice of the nursery.

One aspect of this focus has been to introduce the idea of 'projects' to the staff team, in which the staff team have been coached in spotting 'learning opportunities' and running with them to plant further seeds for learning.

These pictures for example, demonstrate the 'Pirate Project' that ran throughout August. It started with the clicks construction which the children we playing with. The adult asked the child what he was making and he thought long and hard before telling them he was making a 'treasure chest'. The adult picked up on this learning opportunity through discussion with the child, talking about hiding the treasure and why they hid the treasure from the pirates.

Later in the day, a letter appeared (planted by the adult) telling the children that the pirate was coming to steal the treasure. At this point, more children became involved and they got very excited about how they could hide the treasure. Through discussion in the group, different children came up with different ideas of how they could hide it from the pirate.

Over the following few weeks, tea bag stained paper was made to make treasure maps, letters of reply were written to the pirate (with some of the best mark making we have had from the children we have every seen!) letters in bottles were created, a cave was made to hide the treasure in, and telescopes were made to find the pirate All of these activities were the children's ideas and all child led, with the adults all taking part to facilitate and provide the activities.

The project continued for over two weeks, with numerous letters appearing around the nursery for the children to 'accidently' find, including a treasure chest of pirate goodies, which the pirates accidently left behind! They all tried reading the letters themselves and lots of pirate role play was observed throughout the nursery. Our youngest to oldest children joined in collaboration to help create the activity ideas.

Our current project - which has been running for 3 weeks now, has been inspired by the Super Tato book and a conversation over the lunch table, but I look forward to sharing this with you another time!
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