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Samuel Becket's "Waiting for Godot" as an Absurd Drama or Justify the Significance of the title "Waiting for Godot"
a universe that is suddenly deprived of illusion and of light, man feels a
stranger. His is an irremediable exile…. This divorce between man and his life,
the actor and the setting, truly constitutes the feeling of absurdity.” -          Albert
Camus, T...

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Theme of Time as a “destroyer and preserver” in Anita Desai’s Novel, "Clear Light of Day". or What kind of message does the novel, "Clear Light of Day" convey?
Time is always presented as a great annihilator, a
tremendous ravager. Its destructive power has vividly been depicted by Shelley
in his sonnet “Ozymandias” . History too bears out this view. The ancient
Roman Empire flourished, and then began to decline, e...

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Download Chinua Achebe's Stunning Novel "Things Fall Apart"
Laureate, Achebe’s novel, Things Falls Apart is regarded
the alpha of Anglo-African literature. It is the book that brought the story
from the ‘Dark Continent’ through the voice of an educated African through
which he showed the conflict between Afric...

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Critical Appreciation of Ramanujan's poem "A River" or What light does a river throw on the poetical characteristics of Ramanujan? or Comment on Ramanujan's use of Irony in the poem "A River"
A.K. Ramanujan’s ‘ A
River’ is of his finest poem taken from his magnum opus, The
Striders (1965). Here the poet has compared and contrasted the
attitudes of the old poets and those of the new poets to human suffering. He
has come to the conclusion that bot...

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Criticism of Indian Society in Khushwant Singh's novel, "Train to Pakistan"
Khushwant Singh’s novel Train to Pakistan is all about the holocaust that took place in 1947 when India was divided into two countries – Indian and
Pakistan. Partition has left many scars in the hearts of several Indians. The
memories and wounds of the trag...

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No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted: Motivational Story
is a true story of Dr. Howard Kelly , a distinguished physician who, in 1895,
founded the Johns Hopkins Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Johns Hopkins
University. There is still some doubt about the wholesome truth about
this story. May be some...

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How has the Bible influenced English Language and Literature?
The Bible being the Holy Words of God is the sacred books of the Christians. The
literary influence of the Bible has been tremendous, all pervasive and
perennial. In fact the Bible provided the English men of letters spiritual
themes and also modulated thei...

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Impact of Puritanism on English Literature or Who are the Puritans? What effect did Puritanism have on the course of literature in the 16th and 17th century?
In order flush out and purify the Church in England
a religious reform movement took place in the late 16 th and 17 th century. This movement is termed as Puritan
Revolution . Not satisfied with the change that King Henry VIII, Edward II,
and Queen Elizabet...
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