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Instagram is a great platform for brands, bloggers and small business to get new customers, become more popular and so on. It’s also a great source of consumer trends, user insights and other valuable marketing information.

While studying the social media monitoring market we didn’t find any tool that helps to track user activity on Instagram: their likes, comments, followings.
That’s why we created Snoopreport.

What is Snoopreport?

It’s a service that monitors Instagram public accounts activity. It allows you to monitor as many Instagram users as you want.

If you have an Instagram account for your brand or a blog, Snoopreport will be useful for learning your competitors growth and/or sales strategy, know your customers (their interests, habits and needs), understand influencers (their promoting campaigns and engagement with followers), monitor your employees.

If you’re an Instagram individual user, Snoopreport will help you to track the users that you’re interested in and to know their preferences, to monitor what your friends and family do on Instagram, see your kid’s activity e.g., just snoop your favourite celebrity to be always aware of his/her likes and followings.

With Snoopreport you’ll get:
- Likes made by the tracking user
- Comments on photos and videos
- Instagram accounts that user followed

As mentioned above you’ll be able to look through all the data in your user-friendly dashboard and also to download the handy weekly and monthly reports in PDF and CSV for possible in-depth analysis.

Snoopreport is in private beta now and there is a very few time left to sign up for the invite codes!
Visit and be the first to try it!

Sn👀preport team

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To manage your Instagram marketing campaigns successfully and to bring your target audience to your Instagram account we offer you this guide with helpful advice how to set up your Instagram account, monitor competitors, track your customers, find the influencers.

1. Set your account on Instagram

1) Download the official free app for your iOs/Android device from the store.
2) Sign up with your mobile number, your email or your Facebook account and invent your username and the secured password.
3) Edit your profile: add the URL of your website, write a brief but clear description in bio section, add a profile photo.
4) Switch to the business profile : open the settings menu and tap 'Switch to Business Profile'. You'll be redirected to 'Connect the Facebook' screen. Link your business Facebook page to your Instagram account. Choose the best category of your account - in case you need to change it later you can do it in any moment.

Create a content plan and improve your posts

1) Think about the types of posts you will use:
- product or services showcase
- funny memes or comics
- "behind the scenes" photos of the company working process
customers photos
- different tips and inspiring quotes
- company news
2)Then you should create a list of tools that will help you to edit your photos.
What features can be customized:
+ Photo formats
+ Posts layout
+ Brand colors
+ Filters
+ Hashtags
+ Schedule 

Here are the steps to set up your Instagram account. The next important step is to research the data about your competitors

2. Research your competitors

Competitors account and activity can be a great source of strategies that you can use in your marketing. Track your competitors on Instagram: their performance, interactions score, engagement and strategy.

The different tools display can help you to get the user insights:
- the top posts by engagement with the publication date, captions and hashtags
- types of posts preferable for each competitor: photos, videos or carousels
- the most engaging photo filters used / the most frequent filters
- posting time
- the promoted posts of your competitors: its number, publication time, the content with captions and hashtags

You can research the following data about the competitors followers:
- the total quantity of followers gained and lost by your competitors
- the more detailed users characteristics as location, languages, their gender, age, public/private accounts
- the content they like on Instagram, posts hashtags and account categories.
- followers activity rates: the number of Interactions and Interactions per 1000 followers

Actions and growth strategies
The competitor's activity on Instagram helps to discover the engagement and growth strategy:
- posts and comments liked by your competitor
- hashtags that describe the liked posts
- the time periods of competitors activity (likes and follows made)
- the categories of users that attract your competitor attention.
- the automated or organic growth method used by your competitors

3. Research your audience

You should attract the right users to your account - those who will engage it, like your posts, and share the information about your account.

Community data
Find out your followers characteristics and interests like their gender, age, most common languages, location

Followers engagement and activity
The user behavior can tell you if your followers are actually active on Instagram:
- the frequency of their posts
- Instagram activity - likes, comments and follows made
- the periods of user activity and the number of logins to Instagram
- the list of hashtags and accounts categories that draw your followers attention

Group behavior tendencies
You can highlight the user group common preferences, namely content that draw them to interact on Instagram. The community periods of activity help to pick out the best time to catch the attention of the largest number of users

4. Research influencers

Influencers became an integral part of Instagram. If you’re ready to launch your influencers marketing campaigns, here are the key points to pay attention on.

- Influencers search - look for suitable influencers using the following filters: categories/interests, location (country or city), their influence/number of followers, gender, age, posts frequency, popular hashtags and mentions
The research should include:
- their audience demographics: gender, location, age, interests, brand affinities
- their posts on Instagram
- the social reach per every post
- the top content with number of likes and comments
- engagement level – low or some outstanding levels of engagement based on the common number of likes and comments got
- true and potential reach
- notable and unique engaged users
- their engagement strategy – the way they interact with their audience and grow their following count. It means you can check what users got likes and comments from Influencers and whom they follow

The data becomes more valuable source for marketing. We described the variety of the information you can explore on Instagram. To read the more complete guide and the list of tools you should use to get the data described, read our article:

Sign up here:

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Instagram is used by 400 million users a day. Brands display their products and services, attract more customers, and increase sales there.
To become a successful Instagram user as well, use the following tips.

1. Focus on the aims
To set 1–2 goals to start managing your Instagram account, think about:
- Results you plan to get: build awareness, attract potential customers, engage audience or advertise the brand
- Time you will spend on Instagram
- Budget you can afford
- Instagram features you'd like to use

Basing on the aims set you can start planning your marketing strategy.

2. Create an account
Download the official app or open the web version of Instagram. You can sign up with your e-mail, your mobile number, your account on Facebook

In all cases you are requested to enter your username and password. It's important to edit your profile with the complete information about your brand: a website url, clear description in bio section (with your slogan and/or outline of what you do), a profile photo (logo or logomark).

3. Switch to a business account
On Instagram you can obtain immediate analytics and promote your profile to the target audience. To get access to these opportunities you should convert your individual account to the business one: open settings, tap ‘Switch to Business Profile’ and connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page.

Now you are able to set up photo, video, carousel or story ads and monitor analytics of the user interactions with your profile.

4. Make a content plan and a schedule
To attract more users to follow your account invent the concept of your Instagram posting.
First choose the types of your posts: they can contain your product or services showcase, your team members, customers photos, company news and more..
Then build a style guide for your images with the layout , palette of colors and filters .
Prepare captions and hashtags that will go with your posts. Captions should describe the post and encourage users to leave comments. Hashtags make your posts more visible to Instagram users. Mix the most popular and niche hashtags to cover more users.
Make a schedule with the time when you share the posts. Study your followers to find out the perfect time to make a post: when they are mostly active on Instagram and ready to engage.

5. Research the users
Instagram is the great source to get user insights of your customers, competitors and influencers.
To research user activity on Instagram we recommend to use Snoopreport tool. It tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows. This data is provided in weekly and monthly PDF reports and CSV reports with metrics about users, their posts, geolocation, likebacks. Snoopreport helps to research the competitors growth strategies, user interests, influencers ways of engagement and get valuable user insights.

We hope these tips will be useful for you.

To start using Snoopreport sign up here:

#instagram #socialmedia #instagrammarketing #instamarketing #trackfriends #socialmediamonitoring #media #marketing #digitalmarketing #smm #socialmediamarketing #engagement #competitors #branding #statistics #insight #trend #audience #influencermarketing #marketingstrategy #data #analytics

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Snoopreport, the popular Instagram monitoring tool that tracks user actions, made Instagram user research easier. The reports provided include a brief description of user activity, liked media tags and user interests clouds, and actions hitmap. This way you can check the periods of user activity and user’s interests in seconds. The group reports also contain the following data so the features become even more useful.

Brief description
The brief description of the user activity includes:
- the number of likes and follows
- the number of users whose posts were liked and the number of verified users among them
- the favorite user
- the number of “likeback” posts
- the most popular hashtags in the liked posts and the topics interested to the monitored user

Liked media tags cloud & User interests
When you check a post liked by an user on Instagram you're interested why this particular post draw his attention. You click on the post preview to see the captions and hashtags, then click another one and so on.. It can last many hours to gather all the results and pick the most used hashtags.

Now Snoopreport provides all this data for you in the report.
You can learn about the most exciting themes for the monitored users. The brightest hashtags are the most frequently used in liked posts so the user focuses mostly on them.
There are also user interests with the categories of the Instagram accounts liked by the user to complete the list of preferences.

Actions Hitmap
Another important data is the time periods of an user activity. Instagram shows only the date when an action was performed. But if you need to check the time frame of the user actions you should have a look at Actions Hitmap.

The study of the periods of user activity helps you to research the time frame and days of signing in on Instagram and the frequency of the Instagram use by the following user.

User group insights
You can monitor the group of users and then customize a group report by selecting the required users and the time frame.

Group report contains the liked media tags and user interests clouds that inform about the topics drawing the monitored users attention and Actions Hitmap with the periods of user group activity.

The data of the monitoring assists you in:
- updating your strategy on Instagram
- improving the content of your posts basing on the users preferences
- choosing the appropriate hashtags to make your posts more visible
- setting your posts scheduling so the required users can see them immediately
- getting a full image and more valuable insight of an user group

Snoopreport makes Instagram analytics much easier so marketers and researchers could benefit from all the Instagram user insight and maximize their marketing performance.

To start using Snoopreport sign up here:

#instagram #socialmedia #instagrammarketing #instamarketing #trackfriends #socialmediamonitoring #media #marketing #digitalmarketing #smm #socialmediamarketing #engagement #competitors #branding #statistics #insight #trend #audience #influencermarketing #marketingstrategy #data #analytics

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