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welcome to the castle you will need a group of people to stay by your side to keep you safe.  you must have a profile i cant erg it enough
species: (optional not really needed) 
friends in the castle:
room number: (can be assigned if needed)
reason for coming: (optional)

any suggestion tag me in it and ill look into your concern or request
you can have as many profiles as you can manage

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Name: Bennie
Age: 19
Nationality: italian
Friends in the castle: none yet
Room number: 63
Bio: The town i had lived in was ravaged by warring military forces of neighboring towns destroying my home and likely hood. many of the refugees of the town like my self sought shelter in by wondering from place to place. i ended up here. alone, hungry, and confused.
Reason for comeing here: Running from the war.
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(2nd OC)
Name: Liam
Age: 19
Nationality: Canadian
Friends in the castle: none at the moment
Room number: 72
Bio: a freelance arms dealer looking to find new clients.. as well as escape the law. but running out of places to run i chose the next best place.. a spooky haunted location that most people steer clear of. hope it all works out.
Reason for coming: running from Interpol.

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come join if you find it interesting

Anyone here? It's verry quiet for a place with 87 members.

hi everyone sorry for not being online for a while but im back

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Name: Váli Lokison
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Jötun (type of frost giant. Jötuns are human size unlike other giants. Jötuns have blue skin.)
Eye colors: Jötun eye color, red. Human appearance eye color, green.
Pets: a raven
Powers: Ice abilities, energy orb, energy blast, energy ring of fire ( all energy attacks are green colored.), the ability to turn into a wolf (I was given that ability by the gods as part of a punishment for my father) , I create illusions (very limited), and the ability to look like a human.
Weapons: a golden staff
Bio: I am the son of Loki Laufeyson. I learned almost everything I know from my father. I enjoy spending time with my pet raven. I only listen to my father. When my father kidnapped a goddess he was punished by the gods. His punishment was being forced to watch me kill one of my brothers. The gods turned me into a wolf temporary. I couldn't myself so I killed my brother and it was the gods' fault.
Room number: 16
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Name: The Doctor
Nicknames:Fourth Doctor and Scarfy.
Age: unknown
Nationality: British
Room number: 20
Bio: I am the fourth Doctor Who. I wear my scarf most of the time because I like to. I have a phone booth time machine called the TARDIS. I use the TARDIS to save the world.The three doctors before me were previous lives.
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its the middle of the night but you here the piano

im in a secret room in the cellar waiting for you (closed for +_*the NUMB*_ _*ONE*_ )
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