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Good start, but some suggestions for improvement.

1. A widget that is a scrollable list that you can select which source to display.
2. Integrated google reader, with the option to open web version automatically.

Hi all! 
BETA ONLY Version 1.15 is rolling out to the Play store. This time - THEMES! :)
Added 3 more themes (total 4)

- White (default)
- Black
- Light blue
- Light green
- More to come upon people demand

Waiting for your feedback.

Are there plans for a browser component like Google Reader had?

Im still pretty new to the RSS scene. I have been testing out a few different apps. I like your app format! Is there a way to import feeds from other apps to yours? Or do I need to just add the rss feed again? Thank you:)

Version v1.01 on the way. I hope this is the last one before public release. Please use the app, move around and press any button. I appreciate the help.

Right now I am getting the backbone server ready for the release and if all goes well I hope to publish by tomorrow. So you can understand the meaning of this last bugs round :)

Just to let you all know, the beta test program will stay live right here and will continue to get the bleeding edge features of the app (with the bugs attached of curse), for testing before public stable releases.

Again, Thank you for all your help and feedback! 

v0.9 on it's way.
- Viewing 'monitored latest' will now auto dismiss update notification
- Fixed Logout button
- Fixed duplicate articles possibility (rare cases)

v0.8 has just started rolling out (will take an hour or two).
- Added tag cloud to article preview.
- RTL alignment (Hebrew, Arabic).
- Smashed some bugs.

As the app is getting better by the day and there are less bugs then ever, I am getting ready for the first public release.
Please bear with me and notify on any bugs/issues you might experience so the app will be in it best for release time.

Thank you all. Appreciate your help.

v0.7 is rolling out. 
- Added 'pull to refresh' on feed view. 
- Fixed issues with side menu - not responding in some special cases.

v0.6 is out. 

- Adding from search
- Bug fixes
- minor layout changes
- notifications fixed
- article time fixed
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