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These are to be followed by everyone; if a rule is broken, you will get a warning. You get a total of three warnings, after that you will be removed.

--No god-modding, meta-gaming, or power-playing. 

--Respect everyone.

--Roleplay in the topics that are for roleplay, talk OOC in the topics that are for OOC.

--No one-lining, have a maximum of 3 lines per post.

--Romance is allowed, but keep it PG-13.

--Be semi-literate, do not use text talk {"lol", "omg", etc} while in character.

--Do not RP without being accepted. I really shouldn't need to explain this.

--Use quotation marks {""} for all dialogue, you can roleplay in first, second, or third person, but use quotation marks for dialogue.

--Be respectful of all pairings, even if they're homosexual, or multiple in nature.  Forcing someone to do a pairing that you enjoy that someone else doesn't will not be allowed. If you want to set up a pairing, ask the person playing as the character of interest first.  After that, best of luck, especially if a love triangle occurs.

--Profanity is allowed, but do not berate or anything out of character, that's a dick move.

--Keep the public role-play Teen rated.  For any romance role-plays that are more...mature in nature, do it in private please. The same can be said for the more... intense fight scenes.

--Do not kill someone's character simply because they annoyed you or your character. Always ask before killing them. And even ask before attacking them in general. Also, if your character has been killed, you cannot bring it back.

The form that everyone will be expected to fill out:
Name: {First, Middle, Last}
Sex: {What they are physically.}
Gender: {Their gender identity; what pronouns they prefer}
Age: {Should be self explanatory, do not make it ridiculous.
Species: {Should also be self explanatory. The group will not tolerate ridiculous hybrids nor will they tolerate "tribrids".}
Appearance: {Prefer to be written rather than a picture.}
Abilities: {Do not make them over-powered; 3 per character.}
History: {Do not make it simple, go into detail.}
Relationships: {Who the character knows; add family members and such.}
Extra: {Anything extra that needs to be known.}
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