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(( Thanks +Omega Games​ for making this))

Welcome, all Otakus, Indie Game fans and MMO freaks, to the community where you can RP about anything! We just have a few requirements and rules!


For your character (OC or Canon)...




What fandom, game, movie or story you're from:


Weapons: (OPTIONAL)

Special Abilities: (OPTIONAL)




-NO GODMODDING! Godmodders make RPs boring and unfair. Remember: Even gods can die.

-NO SPAM! This includes the "REPOST OR ELSE________"/Anything asking for a repost, "Follow for a Follow" posts, and "I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF" posts. This community is for RP and fanart ONLY!

-NO NSFW! There are younger children in this community, and we'd rather let them keep their innocence.

-NO SEX RPS! Again, there are younger children in this community.

-NO BULLYING OR TROLLING! This includes people telling others to "Kill themselves". This will result in an automatic ban.

-Do NOT RP until your profile has been approved! This will confuse the Moderators, and they won't know if they've approved you or not if you RP without an approved profile.

-Do NOT beg for moderator! This will decrease your chances of getting a promotion.

Whenever you break a rule, you will be given a warning. After 2 warnings, you will be banned.

Thanks! And have fun RPing!

I saved you the time and stress. Just copy and paste this. 😆))

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name: the doctor.

age: unknown

tools/weapons: sonic screwdriver, and the tardis

bio: the last "time lord" he travels all space and time in the tardis ("time and relative dimension in space") and sometimes a human friend, he faces the alien
threats to earth. (ya wanna know more? watch "doctor who"! ya likely would not regret it.) not done
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Anyone like navel rp message me on kik bblover117

[Fire Emblem Awakening rp. I am in need of someone who will rp as Validar and many others. Yes, you may rp as an OC, but they must match with the story.]

You all mostly know Robin and Chrom, and how they stopped Grima from destroying the world. Robin was the child of an evil man and was the vessel for a god. Chrom was the prince and now a ruler of Ylisee. The two joined together and brought peace back. Well, this story here wasn't like that. The story tells of a girl who was like Robin, but her beginning wasn't like how Robin's mother took the child away from Plegia.

It was a cold December night in Plegia. There was no snow in the desert of the kingdom, but it was freezing. People waited outside for the princess to be born; well, for the vessel to be born. They were promised by the king that his child will be the one they have been waiting for all those years.

In the palace in the hallway was the king pacing. He was known as Validar. He promised his dead father and the citizens of Plegia that his own child will be the vessel of the Fell Dragon Grima. At first, it wasn't easy. Most of the Plegian women didn't have enough strong blood. He married more and more women; they died after giving birth to failed children. He would send them to orphanages or have them be trained as soldiers for his army.

Eventually, he found a beautiful gypsy who performed on the street. It turns out she was related to one of the Grimleal members. The two got married a month after. Now, the queen known as Jane was giving birth to the child. Her screams filled the air, sending chills to the guards around. 

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Name : Ticci Klinkwork

Age : 11

Nationality : Canadian

Species : 98% human, 2% time

Abilities : Freeze time, summon knives and turn back time 4 seconds just like her mother and talk in any language, even Wingdings!

Bio : Is the daughter of ClockWork and Ticci Toby and she was a happy little child, going on numerous killing sprees with the other creepypasta characters and she found a book one day and read it and that's how she knew where to find AU's, how to get to them and what their names are. At the age of 10 she was allowed to go anywhere she wanted alone without parents consents and at age of 9 she went walking around fought an adult whom she forgot, had her left eye stabbed out so she replaced her left eye with a clock to look just like her mother Clockwork

She trains with her parents and goes on numerous killing sprees to kill for eating and to keep alive and kills silently and quickly

Things to know
-She has 4 sets of teeth in her mouth that are razor sharp and pointy for sometimes eating her victims or to chew through things like any type of metal
-Her clock in her left eye is called Klank
-She only attacks if attacked or hungry

Weapons : Knives and time

Personality : Calm, chill, mature, smart, caring (only when isn't hungry). Vicious, smart, accurate and very dangerous (only when hungry or in battle mode)

Fears : Losing her parents, friends and Klank malfunctioning

Loves : Murder, being with friends, cemeteries, being with her parents and eating victims, Slenderman

Hates : Victims getting away, Mercy from victims, Zalgo the demon

Appearance/Clothing : black long sleeve shirt, stretchy pants and a smooth jacket. A black clock in the left eye, a green one for the right just like her mother ClockWork, pale skin tone, black hair to the floor, stitches from the corner of her lips to her ear making her smile forever,

Fandom : Creepypasta but likes to be in the UnderTale fandom when its not her turn to watch over Slenderman Forest

Gender : Female

Friends : All the creepypasta who are on Slenderman's side, her clock Klank,

I am open for an RP! No need to ask to join!!

Klink was walking through Slender Forest with a bloody knife in hand looking for a monster or human to eat when suddenly she sees you...

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it all started one day. A special day. My birthday. The day I killed someone. I was a young boy at the time and just about to blow out my birthday candles when we see a grenade roll into the house. The first thing my father did was throw me through the window so I would live and the only sounds I hear are the screams of my parents and brother and the sound of the grenade going off. A piece of rubble flies out and stabs me in the eye then once I pull it out all thats left is a bleeding socket. I land a few feet away from the building and look around to realize that I was in the middle of a battle between talon and overwatch. I see a blue blurr and a female in a yellow jumpsuit appears saying something about the calvary or something. She speeds off again with the cutest giggle i ever heard when a girl in a winter coat runs to me and stares at my injuries. She was about to speak when she is hit in the side by a shadowy mist then the mist forms into a man in a black trench coat and white skull mask. Tracer speeds over but all he does is move to the side and cause her to run right into mei. He walks over about to deliver the kill shot when I grab one of the guns traced shot and fire about 10 rounds into his chest causing him to fall then he stops breathing. I drop the gun in shock looking over to my now burning home...I feel water drip from the right side of my chin causing me to realize im crying. I fall to my knees and release all the sadness in me making me scream in pain and sadness. Overwatch had then decided to take me in but still didnt realize it was my birthday as I walk through the halls with a sad but dead look in my eye and they decide to try to cheer me up (be whoever you want as long as you play the females and switch from time to time.boy must be allowed to have a foot fetish and I also will play the male agents. There will be many problems in this rp and its long term)
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Hi everyone who wants to do a yaoi or hentai or incest roleplay let me know and we do it on hangouts ok alright and add me and send me a message ok alright thank you and greets from me xxx ^^😉 😊 ☺

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Name: Maria Grimleal

Age: about 17 or 18

Species: Human/Plegian

What fandom, game, movie or story you're from: Fire Emblem Awakening

Gender: female

Weapons: (OPTIONAL) tomes mostly, but has a sword in case

Special Abilities: (OPTIONAL) She has the Mark of Grima. Since she is the vessel of Grima, she seems to have the power to handle and summon Risen. Yet, she becomes violent when under the spell of the Mark.

Weaknesses: Her darkness will try to take over her. Once that happens, she will become very violent, resorting to kill anything.

Bio: Maria is the daughter of Validar and a street performer. Her father was in search of a woman with a strong bloodline. He encountered a street performer who was related to one of the Grimleal members. The two got married. When Maria was born, her mother had to travel to Valm to handle issues (which lasted for a lot of years). During that time, Validar raised his daughter and secretly planned to prepare the vessel for the Fell Dragon. Of course, he had to deal with her pranks and childish behavior. Maria inherited beauty from her mother and advanced magic skills. Little is known.

[pic 1 is her adult self. pic 2 is her child self]
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Name[] jack connor

[]Age[] 16

[]Height[] 4'6, shadow: 6'5

[]Weight[] 116

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight​

Race: human/shadow

Body type[] small (shadows form is skinny)

[]Nationality[] american

[]D*k length[] boy: 5 inches, shadow: 10 inches

[]Skin color[] boy: white, shadow: dark

[]Eye color[] boy: blue, shadow: gold

[]hair color[] blonde, shadow: dark

[] Quotes [] "I will kill you all!" "Your mean!" "Mussssst feeeed"

[] likes/dislikes [] boy: likes: stuffed animals, playing, nice people, hiding, feet (hentai). Dislikes: bullies, rude people, smoke, the shadow, the dark. Shadow: likes: to cause pain, flesh, shadows. Dislikes: the light.

[]Personality[] boy: shy, nice, childish, scared. Shadow: cruel and torturous

[]family[] dead

[]Bio[] I was umm....I am from another was a war torn universe where children were taken, tortured, and ummm turned into weapons.. sniffles I was an experiment....they did so many bad things to me that made me want to die.... The shadow broke us out and.... Killed everyone....even my family.... He wanted more though.... He wants everyone to feel your pain so he stole a multiverse transport device so we could have everyone feel your pain.... hangs head I dont like the dark mommy....cries it scares me....
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