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Apoc Rahjim.
Age 20.
Eye color: Copper.
Blood type: A negative.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Bisexual with a female preference.
Occupation: Social worker for the entire town he lives in, volunteer at the hospital most of the time as a male nurse.
Abilities: No special powers or skills other than knowing krav maga.
A bio is currently unavailable since he is a normal civilian like most other furries.
Species: Red Wolf (Snub nose.)
Family: Father Tomcat, mother red wolf, sister tomcat, aged 45, 34, and 10.

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Everybody loves a good story.
From tales of heroes in far away lands to more realistic members of society.
But fuck that shit right now.
I'm here to introduce to you probably my best and purest of heart of yet.
Apoc Rahjim. No matter what his luck has saved his ass through everything.
And he is also a damn good romancer.
Another unique trait is, even though he is bisexual, he swings more towards women. FAR towards women.
If you haven't role played with Apoc, then goddammit you have missed the hell out.
+Winter can confirm for you all.

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Whats up guys my name is Wolf but my friends call me Caption Wolf or Viper for short. Im 17 but turning 18 in 3 months from now <3 Nice to meet you all Just to let you know im not a Troller!! I fight them. This is my dog Triger <3

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My Bio:

Name: Drusky or Draco
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Highly Social, Interactive, Serious (certain occasions), Fun at times, Smart, Respected, Kind
Occupation: N/A
Fursona (Race): Furred Dragon/Wusky; Hybrid
Weapon of Choice: Katana Swords, single or duel-wield
Likes:Gaming, Traveling, Music, Furries, RP/ERP, Talking with others. and so many more if you want to know...

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Hi I'm new 

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Iv got my own community called Furry Life RP.If you would join that would be amazing. Here's the link
Or you can hit the green banner below.Join if you want ^_^

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I'll make my profile soon I'll find the picture for my oc 

Hi I'm new 
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