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Require volunteer PHP,Angular JS,Bootstrap developer ,SEO and marketing professional to build crowd funding NGO website

VittalSeva NGO is a crowdfunding website helps for NGOs, non-profits, and student organizations to raise money for charitable causes and events. Seeking volunteer to launch our new website platform which helps for NGOs. Get a chance to volunteer at VittalSeva, one of its own kind. You do not need to be physically present with us. You will be allotted work and all the communication will be done via email. We have started developing the crowdfunding website for NGOs.

We are looking for PHP, Angular JS and Bootstrap experts for developing the  crowdfunding NGO website.
 click below link for registration

1.What's so right now?  
NGOs are having difficulties in finding sufficient , appropriate and continuous funding for their work because they are not able to reach people and fund raising activities is taking much time for them  and also There is lack of trust on NGO's because  of fake registered NGO's and lack of marketing budget,  Due to that majority of NGOs have little or no access to reliable people.

2.Predictable future?  
NGO's are  continue to struggle to collect the money from the people and difficult to run there organisations and they may fail to achieve goal 

3.What the future could be with the new possibility? 
We are looking transformation in NGO's website to get access to people like travel websites, e-commerce ,Food selling websites with trusted 3rd party and review system,With this possibility, we can create trusted 3rd party (website) for all the NGOs, NGO can list their name in 3rd party website Vittalseva and get collected the money from people . Here quality of NGOs also increase with the review system so user can search and donate to any NGOs based on location, category and reviews.

Here our promise to user that they will reach out to trusted NGO and fulfil  the need of the unpriviledged people.
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