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If I was ever to draw that cool Allen's headcanons, I would probably use this style.

Because I can't draw the boi
He looks like a depressed Stockings with stubbles and a ponytail

Anyone want to see my failed attempt at doodling 2p!Canada in this style? ÒwÓ

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Bonus: Wolfie Allen

11/10 would yiff him too

I don't know what yiffing is. I just know furries do it soooooo
yiff yeah

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👀 ))
I ain't no furry, but if I was-

I would so yiff Matthew-
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Alfred loves Matthew for all he is, but notices that his Canadian lover is more on the scrawny side. Which, not worry, because the hero is always ready to serve!
The moment Matthew walks into the house, the American throws a medicine ball at Mattie, hitting him square in the gut. Before Matthew could protest, Al boisterously laughs as he drags him by the sweater to the living room. The once cozy space was now stuffed with workout equipment.



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Alfred tries to be a spicy boi one day, and when Matthew comes home late from work, he start to hear distant music blaring. When he opens the bedroom door, there's just Al in a muscle tee and booty shirts trying to be all sexy but ends up being a complete dork while blasting "Push It" on his old boom box.
So there's just Mattie standing there with the mixed sensation of 110% done and being embarrassed for Alfred-

Bonus: This isn't Alfred's first time doing this. 😂

Matthew: Just stares "Um-"

Alfred: Pausing music before dramatically turning head to give Matthew a nerdy smirk "Hey, Mattie. Didn't notice you came home.~"

Matthew: "Al, I called when I was a block from the house. That was three minutes ago."

Alfred: "Oh? I didn't notice."

Matthew: "But you answered the call and screamed about the neighbors new-"


Matthew: "And had really short legs?"

Alfred: "Wait, how do you know that-"

Matthew: "You told me that over the phone, Al. . ."

Alfred: "Oh-"

Matthew: ". . ."

Alfred: ". . ." Unpauses music and returns to doing sexy flexing poses

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Someone please make a fanfic that explored the possible AU if mail order omegas-
It could be a cultural integration project?
Mostly betas would use this service since Alphas usually mark the omegas for themselves before the betas could have a taste.

Bonus points: Display what happens when a Beta immediately marks an omega in excitement, but turns out, they actually don't care for the omega and send them back. What happens the omega? Is it now becoming more normal to love already marked omegas or will be omega be forced into a brothel/ street since everyone rejects them?


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(Edit by me not the drawings in it though) Yandere(rp) (devil shapshifter)alfredX(regular)matthew rp! im oki with anything as long as theres no torture to matthew but you can for the others except the kiddos!! 😉 and for the love of god dont cheat on matthew or threaten to >:( and if they get sum kids 😏 DONT HARM EM IN ANYWAY!!! Also dont call mattie stuff like "slut,hoe,bitch,dick,stupid" or any stuff like that unless i do first,those are the only things that are not allowed for me :b)

one night a black bird landed on matthews window seal hurt badly with a broken wing and hurt leg,matthew was laying down on his bed and jolted up when he had heard the loud bang on his window,he got up and slowly made his way to the window once he did he gasped seeing the bird in such a terrible condition,he quickly opened the window and screen as he slowly went to pick the bird up as to not scare it but it apeerently and the bird bit him making matthew whimper and wince in pain but then manage a soft smile "i-its alright I-i wont hurt you,i-i want to help you your in really bad condition and you w-wont be able to get back home easily like that so p-please...l-let me try to help i have a first aid kit that would help you...please?" He softly asked the bird which had turned away,huffed and didnt move which is when matthew went to try again this time the bird had let him pick it up and walk into the bathroom laying the raven down matthew grabbed the first aid kit pulling out medicine and bandages he smiled softly "its going to be alright little birdy,trust me" he softly said as he started to wet a rag and then lightly dab the areas where the wounds where "this may hurt a little but please bear with me here im just trying to help you" he then picked up the banages putting the medicine on it and slowly wraping it around the black birds wounds as it winced once he was done he carefully picked the raven up and walked into a room that had bird food for his bird feeders outside,he grabbed a bowl and filled it up then walking back to his room once inside he put the bowl down and smiled softly at the raven "ill make a bed for you eh" he then grabbed a small pillow "here ya go little guy-er...or girl" he then chuckled quietly with a sheepish smile as he laid the bird down on it "ill go get you some water eh" he then ran out and got a bowl of water,walking back inside his room once again he put the water next to the food bowl and then closed the window along with the screen,he grabbed newspaper and laid it down as well "use that if you need to poop or pee but if you cant get up thats alright...i wouldnt be upset with you,besides it wouldnt be your faul-oh talking to a bird again..." He then sighed and laid down on his own bed as he soon fell asleep,
After a few days the bird was amazingly better,it made matthew happy but confused cause surely that wasnt normal to be in that bad of condition then in four days be compleatly better but another odd thing is it was as if the bird was human because it would understand him and when matthew would change the bird would just watch and not get distacted by anything like normal birds would which made matthew feel a bit off and nervous so he stopped changing in his room and started to in his bathroom though somehow the bird would still make its way inside even when matthew was in the bathtub it would take one with him which he found odd but pretty cute besides all he was aware of was that it was a raven who he found harmed on his winow seal probably by another bird but he was oh so wrong and he would find out soon enough that that bird was actually a devil shapeshifter who had eyes for him and how he was harmed wasnt from another was by another devil whom he had fought with recently because they where arguing about whos future lover was the best,yes he would watch matthew from the tree by the window when he wasnt looking every night both sometimes in bird form or devil form,one day when matthew woke up and turned around he was met with a black shirt on a slightly muscular chest of a man which made matthew blush and gasp jolting away though he couldnt back up any he was being held by something that he noticed couldnt be the mans hands because those where on the bed till he moved then they where wrapped around matthews torso making him blush more,once he looked to see what was around his body he noticed that they where a pair of black wings,matthew raised a eye brow confused and still scared before he looked to the mans face and frowned assuming it was the alfred he knew playing a prank on him,wearing fake wings and horns along with black clothes and black dyed hair "al i told you not to prank me anymore! And jumping in my bed while im asleep is just wrong for a prank eh!" He then pushed the assumed 'alfred' off the bed with five pushes since he wasnt strong,when he felt the wings slipping away from his body he shivered for fake wings they sure felt real to him at least what he had always imagined them feeling like with a loud thump on the floor the assumed alfred had fallen on the floor and woke up,matthew then felt bad "a-are you okay al???" He asked worried he had hurt him since it was a really loud thump when 'alfred' had fallen on the floor

(Omg that's long af... And YES THIS IS A RP PLEASE RP WITH MEH)

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Warning: typos and edge but it's one of my guilty pleasure AUs~ Also, PG-16?
Aaaa, okay, I know I've probably read too many messed up doujinshis, but hear me out -
Assisted Suicide AU (warning, this is e x t r a cringe since this was more of an AU I made in 7th grade but didn't feel like sharing)
I just had one of my normal UsCan angst day dreams where Matthew is being a slut because he felt as though his first time with Alfred was just him raping Al. So Matthew feels like he doesn't deserve loving (which is his definition of satisfying since the Canadian needs an emotional bond to enjoy smex) smex. Though, then Matthew gets this messed up sense of "smex currency" that if he gets hurt from smexing randomly, then he's allowed to touch his husband that he has always loved. The thing is, he feels like Alfred would be disgusted by his body and him in general (which isn't true), so Matthew offers Alfred "a mint" everytime they did the do. Not only did the drug make Alfred forget but it also fills him with feel good hormones. Matthew thought it was actually an act of mercy to drug Alfred, because then his one and only dear wouldn't have to remember his "horrid form and act."
Alfred was Matthew's orange groove in a vaste waste land of darkness, and intimacy was Alwere like fruits. Since Matthew considered Alfred's touch too good for him, things like using those drugs were a way to justify the act (since Alfred wouldn't remember) and make the fruits easier to reach. The oranges may taste sour through this method, but they were still fruit from Matthew's one and only orange groove. Mattie needed this groove to stay same. Without this refuge of the heart, Matt would be tossed in total darkness. Matthew literally needed Alfred to stay functional in an emotional since.
Matthew knew that was so unfair to Alfred and that he had to reduce his dependency significantly. Though, that was easier said because no matter how long the Canadian tried to go cold turkey with Alfred, the darkness would still surround him. That's when suicide came into the picture. If Matthew just killed himself, then he wouldn't need to deal with the darkness anymore and Alfred wouldn't have to "suffer from his dependency." If Matthew was going to kill himself, he first had to do something that would succeed. Then, it had to be something with as much pain as possible since he desired it. Final, and this is where he felt selfish, he wanted someone there that would keep him company while he died.
Anyone want me to summarize the suicide? It's kinda nasty. Like. Italian horror movie nasty. 👀

Tbh, the holes are so obvious in this AU. Like, why didn't Matthew and Alfred just communicate their opinions? Weren't they married? Well, maybe Matthew was afraid that bringing light to his Alfred obsession was creepy and might scare Alfredo away!

It's loosely based on my first Alfred marriage? That's why Matthew isn't the same person for every rp now, because it was really depressing when his persona slept with all these other cool dudes even though he always loved and was married to Alfred. Al and Matthew actually had twins. XD
But yeah, the Alfred isn't active anymore (which makes sense since 2015 was when they married after three year of knowing one another), so Matthew has a new hubby. Tbh, I wish this Alfred was my first Alfred because SO MUCH LOVE!!! AAAAAAAA ( >//////<)

Update: Actually, a happy ending is that he fails the suicide attempt because Allen (the person Matthew asked to accompany him during the suicide) called for an ambulance in the last moment because he thought Matthew could solve his issues with therapy while chatting with Matthew during "his final moments." Obviously, this makes Alfred feel terrible for being the root of the suicide even though Matthew tries to outright deny it. So as time passes, Matthew's orange grove starts to disappear, forcing him to face the darkness. Matthew spends almost two years in this head space of misery until he starts to notice a novel grove from afar. At first, he scoffed because he thought was one of those mirage of false hopes, so he doesn't even venture towards it. Though, he notices the grove coming closer? Perplexed, Matthew decides that fine, if the orange grove wants to get to know him, it'll truly get to know him. Strolling into the grove, Matthew enacted all the "disgusting behaviors" that were usually forced upon him in the darkness. Though, unlike Matthew's first grove, this didn't fade away. Further strange, the grove was actually comforting him. Lowering fruit just for him, sweet fruit. Now a sobbing mess, the shell of forced apathy start to crack around his soul as he embraced the grove as his own. There was no punishment needed to be "deserving" and there wasn't anything disgusting about his sexuality and feelings. In fact, they were praised and reciprocated. So even if Matthew had to leave the grove, he was able to walk out into the darkness without letting it pour into his essence. Because he now knew he didn't deserve that. He didn't deserve the pain. The shame. The guilt. Only support and love from himself and his new orange grove.

So yeeeeah. That's a good ending to that AU. u////u
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