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in a another Alternate Earth, The Austro-Hungarian Empire Never collapses. because of 1 Archduke in 2002                                                     Name:Franko Shardinzland                                                                               Occupation: Alternate Austro Hungarian Archduke                                  GOALS in his dimension, Austro-Hungary never fell to rebellion, plans to reunite this dimensional Austro-Hungary back together

What's opened?

May I have Norway, Sweden, and Finland? I plan on expanding to Iceland too.

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With Austria-Hungary's collapse the Prime Minister in secret has Pro-allied Powers Propaganda created so that the Allied Powers after Russia quits the war may liberate Poland

*The Kingdom of Poland now has 1000 fighting men fighting for the central powers and 2000 men fighting against it (in the shadows). However in a shock they seem to have regained Landa from Austria following the collapse and consider apart of their realm, with Pro-Central and Pro-Allied Powers polish Propoganda being thrown into the newly aquired lands*

Is iran/persia open?

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Name: German Reich

Leader: Wilhelm II

Territories Covered: Germany, Prussia

Type of Government: Federal monarchy

Main Faith: Roman Catholics

Main Language: German, Prussian

Allies: Central Powers

Enemies: Allied Powers

Economic Status: Well

Military Status: Overwhelming

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O fee; that Austria-Hungary WILL need to reform or else they're going to get fucked over by rebellion...

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Kingdom of Poland (English)
Königreich Polen (German)
Królestwo Polskie (Polish)

Flag: Left

Coat of Arms: Right

National Anthem: Poland is not yet Lost

King: vacant
Prime Minister: (sorry)

Territories Covered, (can't download picture):

Type of Government: Puppet Kingdom

Main Faith: Roman Catholic

Main Language: German Polish

Allies: German Reich, Austria-Hungary HELP ME PLS ALLIED POWERS!

Enemies: Tsardom of Russia

Economic Status: Shit

Military Satus: Shit
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