Name:riley Age:20 Gender:male Weapons:lightsaber swords and guns

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Name: skaya


Hight: 5'9

Weight: 27

Gender: female

Build type: ( i didnt understand )

Weapons: knives and guns

Skills: most of her style is kicking and flips and is a really good in aiming

Power: dragon slayer

Personality Type: kind and sweet until you tease

Bio: she was a small kid when her parents died she lived with the her foster parents when they got to know about her powers they threw her in the jungle and from then she has learnt alot of fighting skills

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Name: Elizabeth Windsor
Age: 28 (Birthday is July 25)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140
Gender: Female
Build Type: Athletic, similar to Amazons
Weapons: Sword and Bow and Arrows
Skills: Spy training, Trained in melee fighting styles, Trained in Theatre, Dance and Singing
Powers: Animal Mimicry (like Vixen) and Shape shifting (like Martian Manhunter)
Personality: A natural leader who likes to have her say. she also likes order and believes that criminals need to be brought to justice (She falls in-between a vigilante and a truly good hero.
Bio: Elizabeth is the Princess of the UK who gets her power from a stone that she found at MI-6. She spends much of her time in America splitting her time between UK and Star City where she is close friends with Oliver Queen. She works with the Green Arrow when she is in Star City. She is close friends with J'onn J'onzz and Diana as well. Her superhero title is Warrior Queen or Warrior for short. 

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Gotham.... Cold, Dark, overrun by crime lords, drug dealers dirty cops, and scum.

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