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Happy Marketing Monday. Have you seen the cool new look of your LinkedIn profile page? Here’s some critical changes that I’m excited about:
• ❤ A new, modern stream-lined look for your profile.
• ❤ Break the ice with new people with the ‘chatbot’ style prompts
• ❤ Company & Showcase pages are crucial to your niche marketing and easy to use for your own research. Enhance your travel specialty:

When you play the video below you’ll tune into the secret sauce to your niche marketing.

When’s the last time you added your blog to LinkedIn Pulse?

Happy Marketing. #travelpros #homebasedtravelagent

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Happy marketing Monday. Are you looking to reach Boomers? Millennials? Seniors? The social posts you create as well as the social sites you use to reach these clients and potential clients may be different. Here are some marketing stats & tips:
• While millennials are forever connected & tech-savvy, 👨 they still want advice from an expert. 80% of millennials say agents have valuable expertise. More on millennials & travel here:
• 82% of Boomers have a Facebook account. 👩 More info here:
• 59% of Seniors use a social network daily. Responsiveness & service are crucial. Check this out:
• Tune into the video below for marketing tips for each generational group.

Which stat surprises you most?

Happy Marketing. #travelpros #homebasedtravelagent

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I wrote this article on SEO strategies for travel & tourism sites.

Hope you'll find it useful! Anything you do different?

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Happy Marketing Monday.  Looking for a little help with growing your social fan base? Promoting your social sites doesn’t mean you have to break into your piggy bank. Here are some FREE ways for #travelpros to market their pages.
·        Tip #1 – Include a PS into your email signature telling people what they’ll learn and how they’ll benefit when they follow your social sites.  16 more ways here: ·        Tip #2 – Change that email signature message every week telling readers about your weekly theme of social posts.  How about saying something like this:  “Are you interested in the latest travel tips, Follow me on …!”
·        Tip #3 –Create a short video inviting people to follow your social posts and telling them what they’ll learn when they follow you.  Check out this video below for other cool ideas.
Need more social marketing tips?  Follow along on my social sites to learn more about marketing your social presence.
Happy Marketing  #travelmanager #tourism #travelskills  #socialspeak

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If you're handling content for your travel brand, these storytelling techniques from the pros will surely help you.

Hope you find them useful and applicable!

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Video Demo of a great tool called Sniply which allows you to share any online content you find relevant to your travel clients while still keeping your clients in front of your brand.

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Pretty excited! I have recovered my podcast in iTunes with 48 episode after we thought it was lost.

This is social media marketing for travel entrepreneurs that rocks!

Great interviews, tips and best practices to help current and future tourism professionals worldwide succeed.

Thanks for checking out, subscribing and your 5-star reviews.

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Have you ever purchased Facebook likes, Google +1's or Twitter followers? How did it affect your Social Media page or website SEO in case of Google +1's?
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