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Were you at the HMS weekend at the end of August? Give your thoughts and memories here! :)

Don't forget - HMS 2 : May 20th-22nd (Cherrywood)

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Podcast #01 - Magic in H.M.S.

Dear members of Seaxe & Sorcery,

One of the few things I am really good at is learning from my mistakes. Recently I made several and I am now looking to rectify those mistakes.

Firstly I wish to produce a Quarterly Magazine for Seaxe & Sorcery, free in PDF formate to ALL paid up members of Seaxe & Sorcery and Contributors. The Magazine will include Art, Articles, Stories, Poetry and Advertising for any members businesses all for free.

It will cover any Board Games, Card Games, RPGs, LARPs and Re-enactment groups that our members may be into. Articles will have a word limit and will be edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation only. If for any reason an article has to be altered the author will be asked to do so in private.

All art work or photos will be original and taken by members of the club. I want this to be a whole group contribution with no one left out if possible. I really want this to work, but it will only work if everyone gets involved and we push this as both a quality news letter and one which serves to showcase the talent the members of Seaxe & Sorcery have.

I would also like to offer AOE, Alrune, The Sanguine Hunt and Beffy's new Cowboy System space to advertise events and publish articles. After all if we cannot support each other who can?

Secondly, I want to put a working party together to help organise and put on a convention for next year, for the weekend nearest to St. Georges day. 70% of the convention will be used to promote Table Top (Board, Card, RPG and War Games) and 30% to promote CosPlay, LARP and Re-enactment. Basically everything Seaxe & Sorcery is into.

Everyone will be welcome, but if you want to get involved you will need to function as part of the team and do your best to work with everyone else regardless of personal feelings. Again, I want to put on the very best event we can. I am not looking to make it a giant event - we will start small and build up over time. I also want it to be different and unique.

It will be linked to the Magazine News Letter. The Magazine will be "THE TOWER AT THE EDGE OF REALITY" and the convention "THE CONVENTION AT THE EDGE OF REALITY."

If you are interested please post here or on Facebook on the main Seaxe and Sorcery page. Guys, I really want this to work and I need your help to make sure it does.

Love 'n' Cuddles,

Chairman of Seaxe & Sorcery

A message from Ashlee Rutland - msg her on Facebook.

Hello everyone! I'd first like to thank you all for being so patient with the battle boarding. As most of you know, we're transferring over to an online database that will allow you to access your character sheet and submit changes.
In order to help us out with this transition I need you to PRIVATELY send me a message with all of your character names (inactive, dead, npc or active) along with your full name (if it is not the one on facebook) and your e-mail address.
So that is:
- Character names (inactive, dead, npc or active)
- Full name (if it is not the one on facebook)
- E-mail address
If you have any questions then please ask! Thank you for your co-operation! smile emoticon
Note: If you haven't yet, please send me the following information as well so I can do your hours.
- Character name
- If you attended the event
- If you helped set up
- If you helped take down
Please Note: set up and take down ONLY count as Follows: Setting up or taking down Bar Tent, Elders Tent, Storm Hut Food/ Admin, Unpacking and or Packing Container, Seaxe Food or Beer Runs, Cleaning Toilets during weeked

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Seaxe and Sorcery Forums
Seaxe and Sorcery Forums

The 30th April is international Table Top Day run by Geek and Sundry. It is a Saturday and Seaxe would love to Run another "Greatest Convention that never was". We need a name change (so people can remember it and want to attend), and I would like to open it up to more people.
We would like traders to set up stalls with their produce. There will be no charge for a stall, just a donation for the raffle and the £3/5 entrance fee (see below).
We would like volunteers to run some RPG/Board or Card games.
We would be looking at an entrance fee of either £3 or £5, depending on the venue chosen. 

All money raised will be split three ways.
1. Pay for the venue;
2. To go to charity;
3. To go to Seaxe for a very special project that is being devised as we speak.

We have a caterer lined up and we thought it might be nice if we had space for a bouncy castle.
We are hoping to have Babs Rudlin and her face painting as well.

We need help to put this on!
We need posters and leaflets and for people to take these around Essex;
Help finding a suitable venue;
A name;
Possible sponcers;
A page on Face Book;
People to spread the word;
Ideas of where we can advertise the convention (bear in mind we have no budget);

Please remember - this is a Seaxe & Sorcery event. It is being run for fun and I would like to get as many people involved as possible.
If you know anyone who might want to get involved please let Gary know. Pass your ideas on to Gary or Dave or post them to our Facebook page: Seaxe on Facebook

2016 Event Dates.

If anyone has ideas for alternative sites to Cherrywood for the unconfirmed ones please contact Gary.

HMS 1 : April 1st-3rd (Cherrywood)
HMS 2 : May 20th-22nd (Cherrywood)
HMS 3 : June 10th-12th (Cherrywood)
HMS 4 : July 15th-17th (Cherrywood)
MCM : August 12th-14th (Cherrywood) (TBC)
HMS 5 : August 26th-29th (Cherrywood)

The rest of the HMS Event Dates:

June 12th, 13th, 14th 2015 CONFIRMED
July 10th 11th 12th 2015
August 14th, 15th, 16th 2015 CONFIRMED
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