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Welcome new members to Path Finders! I'm Amber Countryman, Owner. Here, you can openly share your knowledge, beliefs, and life experiences as a Pagan without fear of judgment or ridicule! This is a DRAMA FREE ZONE! If you have ANY problems with another's comment or post, please notify me, and I will rectify the situation!

Please respect each other's beliefs! We are all following a different spiritual path in life. Together, we can find support, and answers from one another. Here, we are family! Brothers and Sisters of the Earth!

Any disrespect of another member will get you banned. Discussion is good! Debate is not! We are here to share, not prove who's right or who's wrong! Let's coexist together in Love and Light!

Also, I would like to extend a very special welcome to my brothers, sisters, and Path Finders from Facebook!!! Thank you all for joining us here on Google+! I think you'll find less drama, and child's play on this side of social networking! I know it's different, but once you play around a bit with all that's available, you'll like it!

Please feel free to:
* Introduce yourself under "Member Introductions"!
* Enlighten us with spiritual knowledge and growth under "Spiritual"
* Share spells, tools, stones, herbs, etc. under "Witchcraft"
* Practice your divination by offering free readings under "Divination"
* Share about your higher powers under "Deities"
* Share cool stuff like Gryphons, Minotaurs, Dragons, Fairies, etc. under "Mythical Creatures"
* Share your fur babies, animal spirit guides, or any cute, funny, or magickal animals under "Animals"
* Share your own nature pics, or found nature art under "Nature Pics"
* Share poetry and quotes that move you under "Poetry/Quotes
* And if you're just not sure what category your post may fall under, share it under "General"

I look forward to getting to know, and help all of you! Thank you for being here!

Brightest Blessings!πŸ’–β­οΈπŸ’–
~ Amber

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A soldier on the battlefield may be wounded, starving, dehydrated, and fatigued. But he must still fight!

Despite your chronic pain/illness, keep fighting soldier! The battle is not over until the War is Won!

Divine Blessings of strength, and healing πŸ’–πŸŒžπŸ’–ο»Ώ

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Ok. Here it is. My first appearance on YouTube! No make up. No editing. Just me. This is how I do my Balance Exercises in the mornings. 1. Ground and Center 2. Cleanse of Negative Energy 3. Balance Chakras 4. Shield. Done. I combine them into one exercise, and this is it! I hope you enjoy!
Thank you for watching!
Divine Blessings πŸ’–πŸŒžπŸ’–ο»Ώ

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I think Zeus is wanting me to put food in his bowl. Lolο»Ώ

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{{ Happy New Year }}

One question plagues all...

What's really the meaning of Life?

πŸ’– LOVE πŸ’–

One word-
Answers all questions.

Being one-
We are all made of the same energy. We all come from the same place, a place of pure Love.

Once we understand this, we can connect to anyone or anything from anywhere. Once we understand this, we can stop fighting, and start coming together in Peace, and Love.

Find your Spirit, and you will find the Spirit of the Divine, and all living things. You must find yourself first before you can truly embrace the Light, and the Love of Creation, and of Past, Present, and Future. We are all that was, all that is, and all that will be.

You Are.
I Am.
We Are.

⭐️ ONE ⭐️

As the Sun sets on the final day of 2016, we let go of the past, and release the pain. We begin the New Year with the Sunrise on a new day, and new dreams to bring into fruition.

May the New Year bring your Dreams into Reality, and may you find Love and Light in all of your endeavors.

Brightest New Year's Blessings

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{{ Chakra Reference Guide }}

It is important to maintain emotional/spiritual balance in order to function at your highest potential. This can be done by practicing the following Balance Exercises on a regular basis. It takes time, and patience, but it will help you in such a positive way!

(Daily/Several times a day for Empaths)
1. Ground and Center
2. Cleanse of Negative Energies
3. Balance Chakras
4. Shield
(Weekly or more)
5. Meditate

This post is dedicated to Balance Exercise #3: Balancing Your Chakras. In order to properly balance your chakras, you must first understand each chakra, and connect to the elements/characteristics of each one.

When you balance your chakras, you begin with the ROOT chakra, located at the groin, and move up your spine, all the way to your CROWN chakra, located at the top of your head. You will draw your energy from the Earth below, move it up your spine, and release it through your head, and let it beam up into the sky.

* ROOT (red/groin)- Masculine, Fire, Light, stability, motivation, drive
* SACRAL (orange/gut)- Masculine, Fire, Light, strength, passion, creative abilities, expression
* SOLAR PLEXUS (yellow/diaphragm)- Masculine, Air, Light, will power, structure, intellect,
* HEART (green/chest)- Feminine, Earth, Dark, love, compassion, self worth, kindness, generosity
* THROAT (light blue/throat)- Feminine, Water, Dark, healing abilities, communication skills
* THIRD EYE (dark blue/center of forehead)- Feminine, Water, Dark, The Void, Empathy, Intuitions, foresight
* CROWN (violet/top of head)- Masculine/Feminine, Light/Dark, Divine/Spiritual/Universal connections, understanding, higher self

May you find your Peace. May you find your Balance. Brightest Blessings β˜€οΈ
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