rp guys?

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(need someone to be a tentacle monster.)

Shantae had went to the beach, to relax. She was lying on her back in the water,not noticing what was behind her.

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(first time making aprofile, hope its decent)

Name: Shantae
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Personality: Kind, brave, horny.
Likes: Summer, swimming
Dislikes: Winter, getting attacked by tentacles (which happens often ;) )
Relationship: None, wants a bf
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Any girls want to rp

rp guys?

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Shugo hums softly as she skips along the beach, smiling a bit as she does so, lightly spinning around

(just need someone dominate, male or female)


rp dudes

layin out in the sun not a care in the world. I WOULD have a care if I had noticed the tentacles that slithered out of the water and towards my chair. But I just layer there my eyes closed, relaxing and you....
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