14 members here...we need some more at the concert!

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Runner the Lemur! At your service for saving the world and being awesome!
Age: 115

I have the power to be stronger, faster, heck even cooler than the best of them. I'm dead but able to be seen by those I want to see me! Faster than the speed of light, stronger than a million Knuckles, powers of an angel. I'm everything you want and more. But there are some limits.

Bio: I was born June 23, 1991 and became one of Sonics best bros. Started going to school by the orders of my 'owner', Amy Rose. I grew up helping to save the world from Eggman and solving problems Sonic wouldn't unless physically able. I was like Tails, always in Sonics shadow. Until 2004, where everyone kinda split for a while. I was with Sonic and Amy living with their first kid.

Dad went into some problems and started killing and stealing behind our backs. Then uncle Knuckles got into it and I soon followed behind. We lived in Los Santos by the time I found my actual parents but was still in touch with Sonamy. By that time they had 5 kids, 2 still living at home. We all met back up after a bit of years and robbed the world's biggest bank.

After that I got married to the most beautiful babe of my dreams. We had a family and I later died. Now I stay on social media now and then, talking to kids and making friends. Trying to stop hate and evil in other universe's. This who I am.

Lol. My powers come from a ring that holds more power than the Master Emerald. With it I could do almost anything. Enough with this mushy stuff! Let's get this party started!!!
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So...what's this community all about? And what do I do?
Just asking...

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Bio: devastation came across the world in my city including my parents died.

Talent: controlling psychokinesis easily (yeah it is hard)

Name: Silver the hedgehog

Picture: good enough I guess


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Bio:i lost my dad when i was 4,and my mom when i was 12 so i came to mobius
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