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Have a good time. You know - we want you to smile. And that "we" includes the people in Google. And Jesus Christ is our Lord. And here, aI will be making links to random poems from the respective poets who make such, and aI will make links to list of poems to those who make such:

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When one is in the midst of things
one sees not always what it brings.
It is like being in the sun.
And that is nice, though burned, not fun.

And therefore one should be aware
and for the outcome really care.
One cannot only be a fool,
since after sun one should be cool!


When as little, one surely has something to say.
And take notice one should and one can one one may.
And that is it is funny to play and to try
and to shout and to smile and to weep, even cry.

It is funny to live and not being apart
from the being to conquer, the being to start.
And when little gets older, grown up it will be.
And that being will feel for it, most certainly!


When I am mad and furious
I am not very curious.
So if one makes me angry, I
would say that is the reason why.

And, then I cannot angry be,
and mad, for all eternity.
I have to wonder what they may
have done for to the devil pay.


To be told by a church can be funny and strange,
thinking, now it is crazy and wants to arrange.
If, though, plenty of churches there are one might say,
what it teaches is not at all stupid today!

And, if one is in England, the church, one might say,
is most certainly English and shows English way.
So, the church is not silly, and churches above
Jesus Christ is the head, and the symbol of love.


Are you not realistic, for sunshine you pray
when you wake up to see a too much rainy day,
when the darkness surrounds you, for feeling to get
today you will be terribly, hopelessly wet!

And perhaps realistic you are not at all.
Maybe you say to heaven, consider it call!
And perhaps into morning you you ramble and run
for to see how it answers, impressed by the fun!


To snow we owe
new life, we know.
On land it sits
which thinking fits
and looks to spring,


For to become existence,
one must be set apart.
So, let us make acquaintance,
and make, not be, the art!

So, let us be together
and feel we are like that
the upper and the nether
are strengthened, looking at!


A stupid adult, he will say,
a subject or an object may
be what to be in life to come,
and life depends on being some.

That one can be subjected to.
To make up mind is fun to do.
And when an adult is so sad,
to leave the childish can't be bad!


Imagine being all alone
as in the body precious bone.
Of course, it will by teeth appear.
It is not clear, though, it is dear.

The bone is standing in the way.
No organ with the bone will play.
And when it comes to taking place
no way it can improve the face.

Poor bone. It should be feeling much
it really has some kind of touch.
So, when in body blood makes run
it should go near, to share the fun!
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