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Okay then guys! I have my challenge for you guys which is for Today and Tomorrow!
Do you guys think Circle Tool gets on your nerves? Well, I would want you to make the most messed up picture of you removing that circle tool (Don't get offended if you use it, you can remove Non-Circle Tool instead for your fair share) mapper and then you share it with #RemoveCircleTool ! The ways you will win this is with:
- Making sure the Picture has no Circle Tooled CBs
- Make sure you include yourself represented as a CB
- Put #RemoveCircleTool on it
- Put +Quisa and +British Productions on it, they hate Circle Tool so they should both remove it!
- Put Some Mappers putting up signs that favour circle tool or vise versa

Now this is only for fun but make sure you can try this out and put +Jared HD Mapping on each entry to make things easier for me to judge!
Note: The CB of Iceland I did is not circle tooled, +Nordic Mapper gave me a template so it looks better!

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Please join the C.U if not in it already, it is fun, you can share your artwork and make new friends. If you are not in already, please join!

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Hey, you! If you want all the mappers united and peaceful, join this. My aim is to unite all the mappers and stop drama, and I am not to stop until succeeded. If you have the same goals, join! DOWN WITH DRAMA!

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Challenge: See if you can spot what my Sweden CB looks closely related to!
Okay then guys, I have some new Countryballs I have just been making while I was bored and this is also for my CB animations when I make in the future but mainly these are for my CB Map of Europe which is currently in work with my AFOE and AFOW! For now, I would appreciate a mapper to rate these and give an opinion on them for what I need on these! (+CheezeWafflz Mapping would be good at rating these, he saved us from Circle Tool Drama!) By the way, these are not Circle Tooled! +Nordic Mapper gave me a template to get me started on doing these Countryballs! Also I found something very crazy while working on them...

See if you can find out! :) If you can, I will give you a Nordic Shoutout! Happy Denmark Day by the way folks!
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+Jared HD Mapping can i challenge you

Hello guys, Welcome to Jared HD's Challenges Group! Here, you can be involved in the newest things to mapping and you can make challenges for us guys for people in the Mapping Community to play! Here are the rules:

The Challenges must have something to do with Mapping, Youtube, Memes, Menacelanders, Countryballs or anything to do with Jared HD Mapping and Friends and Jared LABS,

You can involve other people in this but you need their permission

Have fun and you can do challenges on each other!
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