Just Kidding going on live today at 2 PM Mountain Time so be there!

Hey ladies and gents! It is official I will be going live on my YouTube channel on Friday the 2nd! At 3:30 PM Mountain Time! So be prepared for questions, comments, and anything else that you can offer! :p It would be awesome to see you there!

Hey everyone I will be having my face showing on Friday! The video will be posted that day. So if you want send in your questions! It could be about anything! Send in through my email at ninjachick0117@hotmail.com or even my channel's Facebook page! Can't wait to see what questions there will be!

Guess who is back and ready to stay?!!? I just also want to annnouce that I will be doing my first time ever to be showing my face to the public! I am excited yet nervous! It will be on Youtube! Hope to see you all there! Oh and in the video I will be answering questions, for my first one, soo if you dont mind drop those questions! Need questions in order to actually anwser haha. So excited cant wait!

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I made a video commemorating the end of season 13.
 Hope you guys enjoy :D

Wow, people don't post often here do they?

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Jeez haven't been on here for aaages! :P Anyways so I am going to talk to Michael Mackenzie about the winner, for our looong time ago competition, there was only two I believe so I will announce that ASAP.

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This is the new profile picture! :D

So it has been decided!!! This one to be honest was hard to decide. Buut before announcing our "Channel Artiest" I think both competitors did an AWESOME job! :D So now announcing the winner is +Proxi 9! Great job that will be our new profile picture! :D I will also send you more details Proxi. But other than that great job Brandon it was a pretty awesome picture! :D
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