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Every Life Counts Even Yours.

Advocating Against Euthanization Dog Fighting, Baiting, and Mauling.

Our Main objective is to Spread Awareness and Encourage the Public to Rescue from the City Shelters.

Unfortunately the average local City Shelter Doesn't have the resources to maintain these gorgeous beautiful four legged beast for long periods of time.

This Campaign is directed towards those who with having compassion in their hearts have Rescued or Adopted A PITBULL.

On behal of Pitbulls everywhere We All Thank You for Opening your Hearts and Homes to these Gorgeous Pups who deserve a fighting chance at A Beautiful Life.

The Truth be told the Life of a Pitbull Owner is full of Love an Compassion for their four legged beast. Why? you may ask because there are people who would rather see them dead then Living n Loving Life in a healthy environment with Families. Due to the inhumane life Style Of those who train to them to fight.

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This is Bossko's little girl Who was adopted. This is his twin she looks just like him she lives with a very loving Couple who fell in love with her at first sight. Thanks for the Love an Support. #everylifecountsevenyours🐶🐩🐈🐕
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