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What is open teaching?

Is it online/free/for everyone/big/networked/connected?
it is all and none or any combination
Open is about removing the walls of the classroom, whether to invite thousands in, or to share our notes with a University down the road.

Using twitter to share links with students?
Putting lectures on youtube or iTunes U?
Having a discussion group in Google+?

- All elements of open teaching

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Issue: Note taking
Solution: Storify

A quick win this one (IMHO). Some students make lots of quality notes, some make too many to be useful and they gather dust, others (like me) make hardly any. By asking students to tweet their notes they were kept concise, live and at the end of the lecture could all be pulled together to form collective notes - these can be adjusted at any time and given to all students (remote and attending). All by using twitter and Storify...

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Issue: International agenda
Solution: removing classroom walls and inviting worldwide audience to drop by or take part at their leisure

This was a big class and it took a great deal of time to set up and build momentum, however once we had this, the class took on a life of it's own. People who were listening to lectures for free in Alabama wanted to share this resource with their friends. They felt a part of it and so had an interest in sharing it

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Issue: Time between production and feedback
Solution: Shorten the feedback loop by creating a self sustaining open community - not dissimilar to the principal of Mark Zuckerberg's note taking scheme.

Remote and attending students could post work to the community and as all wanted feedback themselves, were very happy to offer it to others. Students would typically receive between 5 and 15 comments for each image or set they uploaded.

Open is not the answer to every question
And it brings it's own baggage...

Access to tech
Learning new tech
University rules
Extra work?
Our integrity

All legitimate and the Uni needs to support us here but is beginning to and there will be more changes and encouragement

Explore some of the open classes here at Coventry:

#picbod - Picturing the Body

#phonar - Photography and Narrative

Creative Activism

Just a couple of guides for those unfamiliar with some of the most popular open teaching tools

Pass the post-it to someone who does not know your course
How can the problem you have be though of with open and connected in mind?

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Issue: New course needs promotion
Solution: Shop window

The Photography course is very new and so there were going to be some issues around publicity and awareness. By placing material online and accessible to all, we created a shop window of sorts in which the lecture material and guest speakers were free to all and the workshops, tutorials and equipment etc were part of the premium experience that only attending students would get. The open agenda also received a lot of press...
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