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Anorexia Nervosa
I don’t like my body shape. I am morbidly obese. My face is moon-shaped. My chin feels heavy. It hangs beneath my jaw. My breasts are like mountains. They are heavy. They pull down my shoulders. They cause me to hurt. I feel a wave of fatty folds on my belly. They cover my groin. There is a lot of wetness between these folds.They think I am starving to death. I feel very energetic, despite all my heavy weight. I need to lose more weight. I will burn more calories. I will exercise 4 hours a day. My doctor is concerned. He urges me to get immediate care. Do I need care? I still perceive myself as being obese. I hate obesity. It makes me feel ugly. I wish I were slim. Why is everybody concerned about me? 
I am healthy. I just see myself as obese. It makes me feel depressed. Food is disgusting. It caused me to gain weight, which is why I am fighting this battle. I wish I looked like a supermodel. Have you ever seen an obese supermodel?

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Unique Book.

This book, “Medicine, Art & Culture.” is written in

a style in which the concepts and wisdom are

embedded in the paintings. As you begin to

read this book, you will discover that its content

lacks an orderly, smooth flow, as it is neither a

novel nor narrative story. However, as you

proceed, you will discover that you are a part of

the book, as it speaks to you about the path of

the human life cycle. Relative to the experience

of worldwide medical practice of the author, in

this book you will find aspects of viewing and

perceiving a disease from different cultural

perspectives. In this book you will also read

about and view paintings relevant to the themes

of spiritual medicine and healing.


Mohamed Buwe Osman

Physician & Artist

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A Time for the VIP App?
My email to Google, earlier today, after learning that the new update removes the video call feature from Glass:

The removal of video feature is really a deadly blow for Glass in Medicine!
The use in Med Ed, Telemedicine, Tele-mentoring, Tele-consulting is Now NOT possible!
I only hope that this is restored in the next update.
There's a very active, important, growing professional community that has been working around Glass in Healthcare, who depends on this particular characteristic of Glass.
Please reconsider the decision of taking video away, or at least allow some user subgroups to choose whether to update.
Folks like me and several others, from Maine and Boston to San Francisco must have the video option to be able to make Glass an important tool in Healthcare and Medical Education.


Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS

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A quick post to tell the health care friends the necessity of up to date health information shared via the VIP iPad mobile App. Check out this content from the VIP App
Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Where can you get video health news?

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+Post Ads became available to the public last month, and they work with hangouts on air. Have any of you considered using +post ads to interact with people in this way?

NOTE: Your business page has to have 1000 followers in order to participate.


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Testimonial the Good and Bad
In this part 2 video marketing pearl of the week on testimonials, marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein discusses how testimonials can actually hurt your business.  Doing testimonials is a great way to build your business, but if they are done wrong they will kill your business. 

Text the word "testimonial" to 731-678-1061 to learn the mistakes made in this testimonial that would have killed your business.

Learn the 3 simple steps of using testimonials to build your business the right way.

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#thanks #danke #thankyou
Good luck and best wishes from DiDi
- حظا سعيدا وأطيب التمنيات من ديدي -
Weiterhin viel Erfolg und liebe Grüße vom DiDi

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