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Does anyone have an oc request?
I'm bored...

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Aaahhhhhhhh... So tired...-3-

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Favorite shipping in Naruto
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Roleplay? Anyone?
So, pretty much, include who your acting for, and then join in! I'll need a Neji character for my oc, so whoever wants to join in, please join in! ((Describe an action in bold by putting asterisks around them and type the dialogue in normal font.))
Haruna Kanazi was tired. She was tired of being teased, tired of being excluded, tired of being afraid. But most of all, she was tired of being tired. Ever since she turned ten, her chakra had increased by twenty times of its original level. No one in her clan had the power to manipulate chakra, or perform a single jutsu. But she was special. She was different. and because of that, she was excluded. She gained the power to manipulate plants and wind with her unique kekkai genkai, and with her power, her hair and eyes were transformed from its original neat brown to a wild green. Her hair was impossible to cut, and her eyes glittered with a dark aura. She was cursed. On day, she lost control of her gift and decimated half the population of her clan. Because of this, she was banished, and she fled to Konoha. She met with the Lord Hokage, and was directed to stay at the Hyuga household for the time being. Before she was to go to her new home, she was to take a test to evaluate her skills. Gai sensei's team had just lost a member, and she was to replace her. In order to test her skills, she was to fight Neji Hyuga, the strongest member of Gai sensei's team. She stepped out into the arena, shielding her eyes from the bright sun. She could she hundreds of people in the bleachers, wanting to see the match between the Hyuga's  second branch and her. Wow, she thought, how did the old man get so many people? She stepped out, and when see saw the Hyuga, she couldn't help but flinch. His eyes were a soft indigo without a pupil. Could this be the infamous Byakugan? Neji smirked. "So this is what they give me? I was expecting a challenge, not a little girl." Okay, that did it. Haruna raised her hands and began to perform her Forest slash. Neji seemed surprised as a vine slashed at his body. I returned the smirk. "Oh really?" I asked, tilting my head. I smiled as  I felt the thrill of the fight.
((Okay, who ever wants to roleplay as Neji, continue the fight.))

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The Feels...

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1) Neji Hyuga (naruto)
2)Ikuto Tsukiyomi(shugo chara)
3)Gray Fullbuster(fairy tail)
4)Usui Takumi(Kaichou wa maid sama)
5) Kiba ....idk(Naruto)
6)Hanabi Hyuga (naruto)
7) Happi!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fairy tail)
what do you think?
okkies ~ sohere are the chosen ones ~ X3
1. Hibari Kyoya (katekyo hitman reborn)
2. Elliot Nightray (pandora hearts)
3. Gray Fullbuster (fairy tail)
4. Rin Okumura (ao no exorcist)
5. Yata Misaki (k)
6. Ciel Phantomhive (kuroshitsuji)
7. Akashi Seijuuro (kuroko no basket)

i was thinking of what would every character do when they're  having dinner together XD

Yata would go swearing at every single thing or person.
Rin would be searching for Yukio and his friends.
Gray would be thinking too much of where he is and why is he here and such.
Elliot would get confused in what has he gotten into.
Ciel would just sit on his chair and drink his tea like a boss .
Akashi would be using his emperor eye against the others because he is absolute and only those who serve him have the right to look him in the eye .
Hibari would just get really pissed of all this and would go bitting everyone to death.

and in the end we will see elliot and ciel enjoying their dinner, gray going naked and he himself didn't notice it, rin got confused in the situation he's in, yata got annoyed by nothing and still cursing at everything, and akashi is having a death match with hibari.

that's it ~
gomen if it sucked T^T
i never wrote anything like dis before, dis ish really mai first time

waaah dos ish actually sho embarassing but i wanna try to write a story sometime so i guess i'll try doing this kind of thing  first ><

you peeps can try do this yourself X3 it's pretty fun actually XD

#katekyohitmanreborn   #khr   #kuroshitsuji   #blackbutler   #fairytail   #pandorahearts   #k   #aonoexorcist   #blueexorcist   #kurokonobasket   #kurokonobasuke   #knb  

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