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Here are the rules in this community (Please follow them so there would be no issues here):

¤ NO spamming. 1 post per ~at least~ 5 minutes
¤ NO inappropriate and violent posts allowed
¤ NO cyberbullying on here |or anywhere|
¤ NO arguments and fighting on here. This is not a ~Drama~ community.
¤ AND, OF COURSE, have fun! :)

All categories:

1. Q & A's
2. Updates (Only Owner Allowed)
3. Art
4. Photography
5. Books & Magazines
6. Movies & Videos & TV Shows
7. Animals
8. Fashion
9. Funny
10. People
11. Health & Fitness
12. Food & Drink
14. Technology
15. Cars
16. Education
17. Music
18. Events
19. Others
20. Requests and Feedbacks (Only)

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Please remember that only that the owner (me) can only post in this category. Your posts will be deleted if they are in this category.

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Introducing a new category "Q & A's"! Ask questions and answer other people's questions!

Q: What is this category?
A: This is where you can tell me suggestions, feedbacks, and more. Also, you can ask a question ABOUT THE COMMUNITY and I'll try to answer you back. Or if you see anything going wrong in this community, here you can tell me.
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