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Finally, ViPER4Android has been officially updated for Nougat support.


We already love how much difference V4A could make on an Android, and now that is supports Nougat, I have updated the tutorial. :)

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We have enjoyed music visualisations ever since Windows XP and the era of Winamp. Android App developers were keen enough to bring these to their music apps. While it doesn't make a huge difference, but we love visualisations for added experience.

Muviz Nav Bar Audio Visualiser takes visualisations to a whole new level. Now visualisations won't just be limited to a particular music app, but will work with most of them and you will experience them almost everywhere, right on your device's nav bar!

We personally like the idea behind the app, it is unique and nothing that we have seen in years. Hope you like it too.

Here is a quick overview of what the app has to offer. 

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Your personal data is the top most concern when using an Android device. You may be convinced that simply setting a PIN/Password could secure your data, but trust me when I say, it is not enough.

Here are 10 Tips & Tricks that will help you secure your Android device and the data it contains.

#Tips&Tricks #AndroidSecurity 

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A Rooted Android breaks any limitations that are set by the OEMs. You can modify everything as you will and even optimize your device for better performance and battery life.

Recently, we helped you unlock your Honor 6X's bootloader, which allows you to perform different operations on device partitions, like formatting, erasing, and even flashing.

Here, you will be flashing TWRP recovery and thereafter using it to root your Honor 6X. Step-by-step tutorials for those who have the device and are looking forward to root.

#HuaweiHonor #Honor6X #HowToRoot

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Huawei may not currently be the best Android manufacturer, but is still a worthy one for giving us the 6P. Recently, the Honor 6X was released and is a pretty decent phone, considering the price range.

For those who have it and need to unlock its bootloader, here is simple step-to-step tutorial. It is easy and would not take more than a few minutes.

#Huawei #Honor6X #UnlockBootloader

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Today, is all about this helpful app that I came around. Normally, I do keep all my devices clean off the junk, but it is easy to overlook duplicate files since I keep flashing ROMs, kernels, and mods for testing purposes.

Recently my 6P started showing low storage space warnings and I wonder what consumed 10 GB that was left a few months ago. And then installing this app did help me, searching my storage within seconds and letting me know how many duplicate files I had lying. Videos, ROM zips, you name it! I found Systweak's Duplicate Files Fixer very useful in this situation. Hopefully you will too.

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There's a time in the year when we are all happy to see a new Android version being unveiled, and we are already enjoying #nougat on our devices, right?

But in the joy we do forget that we will also lose some of the previous devices from further software updates. Farewell #Nexus 6 and #Nexus 9.

Lets end that there! We all are aware of the fact that the developers at XDA won't stop there. There's a lot more for us to see and experience with these devices.

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Been a long time since we heard any news of V4A coming to Nougat. While there a lot of sound mods out there that may incorporate V4A along them, there is this one plain and simple, that lets you install ViPER4Android on your Nougat devices, without any problems.

Here is a step-to-step tutorial to help those who are willing to enhance their phone's audio.

#v4a #ViPER4Android #Nougat

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The end of CyanogenMod was definitely something that affected us all, but hearing that it still has a long way to go did put a smile on my face. This will happen through LineageOS and it will be the "continuation of what CyanogenMod was".

That's after a long time that I have been forced to change my ROM and why not!? It is still one of the best custom ROMs available out there.

I am throughly enjoying this all-new, yet very familiar ROM. Are you?

#LineageOS #Android 7.1.1 #Custom ROM

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Been long since we have been downloading those 100-200 MB SDK packages, when we only wanted bits of it. Google has made it easy for us and released the standalone packages of platform tools like ADB and Fastboot.

Wonder how easy it is going to be for all now, specially for the new users.

#AndroidSDK #ADB #Fastboot #AndroidTools
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