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Name: Siren

Pokemon: Gardevoir

Gender: female

age: 22

Moves: , shadow ball, hyper beam, electro ball, haunting rune

Personally: calm, relaxed, smooth under pressure, charismatic, positive a lot, strong hearted

Somoning the power of chaos it's self she can spawn a almost pentagram looking rune that at an instant shoots a flery of small shadow shots at it's opponent doing ghost type damage. There is a 20 percent chance that your defence can be lowered

This ability causes any debuff except burning to heal her instead. The more harmful effects on her the more she heals but it can be stopped if she is effected with burning

Extra info:

Because of a mutation at birth her pokemon type is know electric, psychic

She has no trainer yet


Hello? Is Omega here?

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Name: Abyssal the Zoroark
Gender: Male
Age: 6 and a half, although it looks as if he is eighteen
Moves: Night Slash, Teleport, Ominous wind, Void Thrust
Powers: Void Thrust(Damage: 150 Accuracy: 90 Void Thrust is a move in which the user condenses all of their energy and power into a single point, forming a ball of condensed energy in their palm. The user would then launch themselves at their opponent and slam the ball into said opponent. This move leaves the user with one HP, and has a chance to give the target 'void', an effect which puts the target to sleep and damages them over time.)
Abilities: Final Clash(This ability activates when the user is at one HP. The user's speed will multiply by ten times, but half their attack. When this ability is active, the user can only be hurt by either a move that is not very effective or by a status condition. This ability allows the user to attack four times in one turn)
[Note: Abyssal has a habit of taking fights too far and does not know how to hold back, neither does he truly know his own strength]

Abyssal would appear to be waiting for someone...

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???: Uuh....Hello? Anyone here?

Bika the mimikyu has challenged storm the raichu to a battle. The terrain is dark forest.

Name: Jay
Age: 14
Species: Oshawott
Moves: razor shell, night slash, ice beam, hydro pump
Ability: torrent
Boosts water moves power by 33% when HP drops below 1/3
Held item: Everstone
Personality: a serious batteler, but also a little clumsy sometimes.

Special powers: -when having a strong bond with a greninja with battle bond, i can use my water powers to transform the greninja into Ash-greninja.

-when the body is in mortal danger, a special power will active and temporaly increase my body length to 30 feet

OK then. The terrain will be dirt so we can be even.
We do have a weather condition, that is sandstorm

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Name : shadow

Age : 23

Personally : kindness , Mischief , Protectly

Pokémon : Eevee , Leafeon

Move set : (Eevee : Bite , Tackle , Quickly Attack , Fake Tears (Leafeon) Leaf blade , Sword dance , Razor Leaf , Shadow ball

Levels 17 , 45
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