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Ok guys, I totally forgotten to make a template for profiles!!! Please adjust accordingly. So sorry for the inconveniences! The ( ) is where you put the info. Also, you don't have to have all four moves if you don't have/want to.
(Name) the (Pokemon). (Gender), (age)

Moves: (move 1), (move 2), (move 3), and (move 4)

Personally: [side note, this does NOT mean an origin story or bio.]

Powers: [ IF YOU HAVE A UNIQUE MOVE THAT YOU MADE, IF MUST GO HERE! Along with a description of how the move works. A power takes a move space, unless it's passive.]
Abilities: [side note. This is optional. You MUST explain the ability, no matter how common it is! You may make your own abilities as well.]

Extra info: [if you are a trainer and own many Pokemon, you might want to tell the role of the Pokemon to your team, trainer or not.]
I will be looking more closely this time... But please, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!
All profiles must go under, "link to profile" catagory thanks!

Name: Jay
Age: 14
Species: Oshawott
Moves: razor shell, night slash, ice beam, hydro pump
Ability: torrent
Held item: Everstone
Personality: a serious batteler, but also a little clumsy sometimes.

Special powers: -when having a strong bond with a greninja with battle bond, i can use my water powers to transform the greninja into Ash-greninja.

-when the body is in mortal danger, a special power will active and temporaly increase my body length to 30 feet

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Can anyone be our cook? (Does not have to be Alolan anything. I just had these pictures with food in it. XD)
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Welcome New comers!

+The Shadow Pokemon Trainer​ and +Frederick Fazbear​. Post your profile under this catagory.

Celebi, we might have a problem this time... +Oshawott TV​ messed up his back. Celebi: give me a second... Ok I'm ready. Bring him in!

+Oshawott TV​ has challenged me to a battle! What terrane and opponent?

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Never underestimate you opportunities and opponents!
When +WeavileGuy gets too cocky against a pokemon it has little chance to defeat. Weavile could win with a 4x Dig, but only via TM prior gen 7.


Any template?

Do you like your dorm +Kuro the Umbreon​? (It's a classic bunk beds room with a table in between)
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