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Zack King



Gravity Control

Video Games,Playing Cards,Technology, Weapons,Magic

Bullies,WiFi going Down

Cool,Sometimes Quiet(when listening too music),Confident

Zack's parents died at the age of 7,so he had to live with his aunt.Until the age of 16 his aunt let him explore the rest of his life like a normal child.While he's looking for a school he figured out he had powers,so he knew what school to go to,until now.

Name: Cordelia Walker

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Powers: The Siren Call, Breathing underwater, any type of magic

Likes: Coffee, Partying, School, Dancing, Singing, reading, Writing, drawing, Puppys

Dislikes: Being rudely interupted, Cat-calling, people showing off for attention

Personality: Sweet, Mysterious, Quiet, Shy, Cool, Hyper once you get to know her

Biography: Cordelia is a 17 year old, she's the oldest of five and is always happy to get out of the house. Her mom is a witch and gave all her children powers to help them throughout their lives.

Cordelia walked into the library not sure what she wanted to read

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Hey, so for any Percy Jackson fans..

((I'm gonna
Be RPing here a lot more after leaving the CHB community and OPEN))

I'm standing by the lake, watching the water ripple slowly in the sunset. I don't usually do deep stuff like this, but I had really run out of ideas. I hear your footsteps and turn around.

Hazel walked through the woods, with no destination in mind.  She climbed up a tree and just sat there watching birds fly around. Until she spotted you. She waved shyly.

Sorry I haven't been on didn't have internet for a whild

Alex Aaron
Archery and camouflage
Archery, inclusion
Shy at first but super weird later :)
I enjoy archery a whole lot and have gotten real good at it (my character) and pretty much to whatever.
Medium height, always wearing headphones, light hair

I may add a picture later.

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Obsideous nebules
control over sgadows and black fire
skateboarding,paintball and COD
is easy goin but takes a long time to get angry only if u know how to push my buttons then ur dead
(dont know what u mean by biography)
pitch black eyes and hair, tan skin(LATINO), weres a black leather jacket and a grey t-shirt

Ella stood in the library. For some crazy reason she had never really got, it had floor length mirrors down one wall. She looked at her reflection, watching as her eyes flickered from green to blue to a deep violet. This happened whenever she was stressed out, but she wasn't stressed out at the moment? She looked again and saw your reflection behind her.
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