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Latest tango class video

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I am going to close this community since the name does not match.
It is replaced with a new community. Please, join:

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I have updated the website with the new edition of the book
One of my knowledgeable friends is so kind to edit it. It is the fourth edition, and it will contain typo and language fixes and clearer explanations. The work is in progress.
We are discussing the book material after my classes in Palo Alto (after 9:45pm on Monday) and stay way after the building is closed. I would be happy to illustrate it with my own humble body.
The new edition will contain a new large chapter on ochos and my old article "26 ways to make a pivot". Also I am investigating, if it is worth to make a Kindle edition. Anyone who already has bought the book, will be entitled to the discount price to cover expences, but again, it is still work in progress.

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Here is my Facebook page with the example demo dances:

Just realized that I did not include in the book the material about presence of golden section in Tango rhythm and dance.. Sorry, I guess there was a reason, I can  not remember what. Fear of being too much? May be. Golden section is there, it is a hypothesis that it actually affects a dancer, makes tango so attractive. Shortly, Tango rhythm is the rhythm of golden section. What tango rhythm is, it is in the book. It is not mentioned how it is related to golden section. More on it - later. Happy dancing !

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IndieReader published a review on my book. Three stars ! Since the book is full with grammar errors, I add one more

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New article "Three ways to make a Forward Pivot and how it is used in
Several Figures of Forward Ochos"

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New article: Contra-body Boleo

Second edition of my dance theory book includes:
Case Study: 8-Count Basic of Argentine Tango
- Case Study: 8-Count Basic 8-Count Basic, the First Way, Salon Salida
- Transition to prepare for 3-Step-to-Cross done with Boleo Turning 90° Left
- How to Lead Boleo to the Left
- Transition to Prepare for the 3-Step-to-Cross in a "Regular Way"
- What is Cross
- Going to Cross from Side-Position on the Same Leg
- 3-Step-to-Cross
- Transition from Cross preparing for Resolution
- Resolution
- "8-Body-Twists" Basic
- Step Diagram of the 8-Count Basic done with Boleo Turning 90° Left
- Step Diagram for the 8-Count Basic with the Preparation for 3-Step-to-Cross done in the "Regular Way"
- Step Diagram of the 8-Count Basic done in a Rectangular Way
- Step Diagram of the 8-Count Basic Done in a Most Unusual Way
- Timing and Rhythmic Feel and Variations
- Common and not so Common Improvisations
- Apilado Notes
- Obtaining the Stage 4 Pose with Glued Feet Pattern Generator

- 8-Count Basic with the Circular 3-Step-to-Cross
- 8-Count Basic with a Foot Change done simply. "Cross Basic"
- 8-Count Basic, the Second Way, Orillero "Open Body to Cross Body" vs. "Side, Foot Change to Cross Body"
- "Opposite Barrida to Cross and to Liberty" vs. "Opposite Barrida to Parada"
- "Side, Foot Change, and to Parada" vs. "Side, Foot Change, and to Liberty"

- Inserting Cross into Milonga Box. The Third Way of 8-Count
- Unwinding 8-Count Basic in a Line Milonga Box Resolution in Line
- Boleo with the Redirection to Left Going Around the Woman
- Man's Opposite Parada in Promenade Pose

- Making 8-Count Basic with Turning to the Left Twice
- How to Lead Her to Forward Step Instead of Cross. Continuation of the Circular 3-Step-to-Cross into the Second Half-Turn ending with Boleo with the Redirection to Left

To get the book in print, contact me
$24.99, 102 pages, 152 drawings, 8.5x11,
+ $4 mailing in US, $12 mailing to Europe
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